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10 Amazing & Different Ways to Use Plastic Storage Containers

What do you normally do with tons of plastic containers lying about in your house? There are milk jugs, cereal boxes, egg cartons, drink crates, soda cans, ketchup bottles, and if you have a baby, you’d definitely have plenty of baby wipes boxes too. Coming back to the question, what do you do with those when they get empty? More often than not, you’d throw them out.

And, with the recent trend of recycling plastic, you’d be tempted to throw out plastic without feeling guilty, knowing that it’d be taken care of. Recycling is good but reusing is even better. Could you imagine that you can put all of the boxes mentioned above to some good use or the other at home, without ever chucking them out?

Here are 10 amazing ways to repurpose old plastic bulk food storage containers. And you’d actually end up feeling happier when your guests amaze at the innovative way in which you remodeled an old box!

10 Amazing Ways to Use Plastic Storage Containers

  1. Use CD holders to keep baked items fresh

When your pile of old CDs and DVDs go bad, don’t throw away the box that stacks them. Instead, use it to store bakery items to keep their freshness intact – bagels, donuts, or even leftover burgers from last night. Just place one in a CD holder and tightly screw it from the top. If it’s a perishable item, you can even store it in the fridge and keep them from going stale or bad.

  1. Use an empty milk jug to keep food and drinks cold longer

Milk jugs are an everyday item found in the household and they empty out daily too. Instead of chucking them away, we have a better idea – using them as an ice jug for camping and picnics. Wash an empty milk jug and fill it half with water. Put it in the freezer and when you need to go out on trips, simply throw one in your cold food/drink basket of popsicles, cool drinks, and sodas. Compared to loose ice, milk “ice” jugs last longer and don’t cost anything too!

  1. Use old ice cube trays to organize tiny knickknacks

Do you often find it difficult to stock up your tiny items such as nails, screws, buttons, and clips? If you have old ice cube trays, which you’re planning to replace with old ones, don’t throw them just as yet. They’d be great to organize all such bric-a-bracs neatly so you’d never have to rummage through the drawer again.

  1. Use ice cream pails for storage

As a rule, large ice cream buckets should never be thrown! They’re great for storage purpose – almost anything you want – small toys otherwise lying around the house or kitchen gadgets (scissors, knives, etc., to keep safe from the little ones). Besides, you can even use them as cleaning buckets by filling them with soapy water when you get on the cleaning spree over weekends. Carry them around the house with the handle for convenience.

  1. Use old berry containers to grow seedlings

Store-bought berries generally come in those clamshell-styled boxes that otherwise don’t seem reusable. You can use them as mini homes for seedlings where they can grow. And because these boxes come in different sizes too, they’re ideal for growing seedlings at home.

  1. Use baby wipe boxes to store baby items

If you have a baby at home, chances are you’d be having bulk baby wipes boxes too. Why throw away the empty ones when you can use them to store other of your baby’s items such as washcloths, baby creams, and ointments. You can fold up the washcloths and stack them up in the empty custom boxes for ready use anytime.

  1. Use soda cans to stock up pencils

When we really need to use a pencil, it’s often hard to find one. Now you can keep them within easy reach in old soda cans. You can throw in all your pencils, pens, markers, and any other stationery that comes in regular use. In fact, they can even be great storage for toothbrushes. And if you don’t like their appearance, you can decorate them to your whim with colored paper or any other fancy coverings.

  1. Use tissue boxes to store plastic bags

We all keep saving plastic shopping bags for reuse. But where do we store them; there become so many in no time and often keep lying around in the kitchen, drawers, and closets. Avoid the clutter by neatly stacking them up in empty tissue boxes. You can fold all the bags in a way that they can be pulled out whenever you need them. Clever idea, huh?

  1. Use old lunch boxes to store anything

Kids love new things and with the start of the new academic session, they’d start pressuring you for new lunch boxes too. However, the old ones are still strong enough to be used for other stuff. Think of any small stuff lying around which you’d like to neatly store up – MP3 accessories, sewing kit, knitting yarn are just a few examples.

  1. Use shoes boxes to organize ribbons

Your little one would like to wear different kinds and different colors with each dress and before you realize, you end up with huge masses of tangled ribbons lying around in her drawer. One way to get things organized here is using shoe boxes which you’d anyway be throwing out. Make small holes on the sides of the box and pull ribbons through them from the inside. This way you’d never have to sit untangling those ribbons again.


Reusing plastic is the best gift you can give to the environment. It works great for you too because you can do so much with them without spending a penny! Moreover, it reduces wastage and brings immense gratification at the end of remodeling an old box to suit a new purpose. Try one today for yourself.

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