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10 Cool Refrigerator Innovations in India

  1. French Door Design

This modern innovation in refrigerators ups the quality of a standard double door fridge by adding a bottom freezer compartment. French door refrigerators are helpful because of the low swing-space required by the top fridge. The bottom freezer is also much more spacious which is especially useful to store perishables. The freezer can be designed to be a drawer or have side-by-side doors.

  1. Four-Door Design

This is a style of french door refrigerators where that combines in the best double door fridge with two separate slide-out bottom freezer compartments. These types of fridges make a great option for those who want to store more frozen food, with the convenience of a french door on top.

  1. Internal water dispensers

Water dispensers are a convenient way of getting purified water from your fridge. An internal water dispenser does away with the risk of getting contaminated from an exterior clean line. The water is guaranteed to be purified, fresh, and available only through a single clean line.

  1. Storage Drawers for Perishables

This design innovation allows you to store perishables for longer. It is available beneath the main doors in a French or double door fridge, just above the freezer. It is a great way to store fresh vegetables or fruits due to the lower temperatures and glass plating.

  1. Removable Compartments

Ever wanted to increase the storage space in your fridge by removing a shelf? Now you can. Whether you go for an expensive fridge or the best refrigerator under 20000, most fridges in India today are equipped with the shelves that can be removed as per one’s convenience. This design increases one’s flexibility in storage.

  1. Tilting Drawers

You can do away with the crouching and leaning to access frozen foods. Another design innovation is drawers that can glide out and tilt. This allows for better access to foods stored in the back of the freezer.

  1. Ice-Making Technology

Many refrigerators today come equipped with the ability to make ice faster. However, not only do they regularly make ice cubes, but they can also make shaved ice or crushed ice. Slim door ice-making refrigerators are becoming an increasingly popular option.

  1. Digital Temperature Control

You no longer need dials to monitor the temperature of your fridge. Some fridges now come with electronic touchscreens for digital temperature control that you can monitor and customize for the different areas in your fridge. By digitally programming the freezer and refrigerator for optimal cooling, you can store your perishables for longer.

  1. LED lighting

LED lighting is not only more energy-efficient, but it also penetrates less into your food that would cause its chemical composition to change. Many fridges today come with LED lights instead of standard lights. Your fridge can be lit with energy-efficient lighting that reduces energy consumption. All the same, your food can remain fresh for longer.

  1. Antimicrobial Technology

Fridges today come with antimicrobial technology that prevents bacterial growth, stains, and odors. Shelves are coated with antimicrobial materials like silver that prevent bacterial decay from occurring.


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