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5 Tactics to bring your smoothie taste back OR Make it delicious

Are you worried? Your smoothie taste is not going to be good and you have tried all the tips and tricks. Don’t worry we know the common mistakes that we usually make while making our smoothie. Today we will elaborate on them as well as tell you how you can get rid of such kinds of mistakes. However, every smoothie taste can be fixed by using the common smart swaps, secrets, and tricks as we have done while making it best. There are some secret ingredients too that can make your smoothie loved by anyone. Here we have found the five most repeated and common mistakes that we make in making our juice.

  1. It’s way too sweet

If you went a little overboard with bananas don’t worry it happens to all of us sometimes. Fix it by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Moreover, it can also be fixed by adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. These tactics will act as a counteract of sweetness.

Future directions:

First of all, reduce the use of sweetener then use some fruits that are much sweeter than that which you are going to make. Try to make a low and high sugar fruit balance that will yield you the best smoothie result with an equal concentration of sweetener and fruits. Another common tactic is always to choose the almond cartons that are unsweetened to get full control over the sweetness of your smoothie.

  1. Taste like a dirt

You make a smoothie with your hand-blended and it’s nothing more than a taste like a speck of dirt in water—oh! Don’t worry I have used many tactics and found the best one to fix it right now after making the juice. If it is in your hand oh don’t throw it; use this tactic it will bring its taste back.

Add one teaspoon of vanilla flavor extract it will mask the dirt flavor without increasing the number of calories or sugar. (Each teaspoon of this stuff has just 12 calories only).

Future Directions

Don’t use any bitter in taste raw smoothies like broccoli abe, mustard green, etc. use some milder leaves and raw smoothie-like beet green or spinach are the good choices for this. Moreover, you can use baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin puree, cucumber, carrots, and many more like this that can make your smoothie delicious.

  1. Thin and Watery

You made your smoothie for your guests; unfortunately, it is thin and watery. Don’t throw your juice instead of throwing, use some tactics that may save you from facing a shame in front of your guests. There are plenty of tricks available on the internet to make your hand blender make smoothie thin. You can use ice cubes and blend them. Use frozen bananas but they will add 15g of sugar and about 100 calories in your juice. You can also add a quarter cup of rolled oats, or a half cup of Greek yogurt or half an avocado or tablespoon of chia seeds or half baked sweet potatoes all of these are the best smoothie thickeners.

Future directions

Scale back your added water either it is coconut water, juice, or milk then swapping out the ingredients that are high in water content.

  1. It’s full stringy stuff

If your hand made and self-made smoothie is stringy or thinner then send it through a strainer. This tactic will immediately make it well to drink immediately.

Future Directions

Never use a powerful blender. It will make your smoothie thick. High-end models can pulverize even the stringiest stalk of celery, and if you’re a frequent smoothie maker, it could be worth the investment.

  1. It’s totally boring

Make a smoothie for the first time? No, it’s not the first time. You make it on a regular basis but this time it’s totally weird and bad in taste. Believe me, adding a little amount of salt makes a sweet and salty taste increase its taste.

Future Directions

Take some fresh herbs and spices, add some species in your pantry. Adding some fresh herbs will increase the flavor as well as ground spices are beneficial for taste buds as well as for your metabolism.

Final Verdict

Every bad experience is not bad, In fact, the experience is not bad it will teach you something. Ruin your smoothie no worries follow our tactics. I hope it will work and you will feel it is delicious.


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