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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Tournaments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter video game developed by Valve, the game developers. Both teams have the task to eliminate the other and fulfil defined objectives to win the game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive Major Tournaments is a championship that took place every year to entertain the video gamers. It provides winning prices to the participants. This championship was firstly held in 2013 in Sweden and was sponsored by Valve, the game developers itself. A specific format is scheduled for the participants, and according to that format, the final selection of the teams occurs. 16 teams participated in the first edition of the championship. But later on, as the majors grew vastly, the number of teams kept on increasing, and now twenty-four teams around the world participate in the championship. These major championships are now considered as the best and most followed tournaments in Global Offensive. Some of the major championships occurred recently have been described below along with their winners and winning prices:

Intel Extreme Masters – Katowice Major 2019:

IEM was held in Poland from February 13 – March 3, 2019. A total of twenty-four teams participated in this tournament. Participation of fourteen out of them was based on the top fourteen placements according to the last tournament held in London in 2018. The other ten teams qualified for IEM based on their regional qualifiers. IEM was organized by ESL, Electronic Sports League, an Esports organizer. The prize pool of IEM was USD 1,000,000. It was the seventh consecutive tournament with a prize pool of USD 1,000,000. IEM was won by the team of Denmark, named as Astralis. The runners-up of the championship were ENCE from Finland, MIBR from Brazil, and Natus Vincere from Ukraine. On the other hand, a player Emil Hoffmann Reif from Denmark was named as the most valuable player of the IEM championship.

Star Ladder Major 2019:

It was held in Germany and was the fourteenth championship for CS: GO. It was started on 23 August and ended on 8 September 2019. This championship also has twenty-fours teams to compete. The selection was the same as in the IEM held before the star ladder. Top fourteen teams of IEM qualified directly in the star ladder majors, whereas ten teams were selected on the base of their regional qualifiers. Star Ladder was Ukraine based Esports organization, and it was the first time that an organization form Ukraine has organized a major for Counter-Strike Global Offense. It also has a prize pool of USD 1,000,000, just the same as in the previous majors. The competition was once again won by Astralis, the team from Denmark. Runners-up of the championship were Avangar from Kazakhstan, Renegades from Australia, and NRG Esports from the USA. Nicolai Reedtz from Denmark was named as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Dream Hack Masters Spring 2020 – Europe:

Dream Hack Masters was organized by S-Tiers. S-Tiers is another Esports organizer that organizes online tournaments for Counter-Strike players. S-Tier tournaments are known as premier tournaments and offer a decent prize pool in every competition. Dream Hack is one of their tournaments organized in Europe from May 19 – June 14, 2020. A total of sixteen teams participated in this tournament. All 16 teams were divided into four groups, and the winner of each group was to qualify for the playoffs after the best of three results. Dream Hack was won by BIG from Germany and got USD 54,000 as the winning prize. Runners-up of the tournament with $28,000 was G2 Sports, a Spanish gaming organization. Faze Clan from America and Natus Vincere from Ukraine ended at number three and number four spots respectively, with the prize pool of $20,000 and $16,000.

Blast Premier Spring 2020 Regular Season:

Blast Premier is another championship for CS: GO that was organized by RFRSH. RFRSH is Esports media production company that represented Astralis, a gaming organization from Denmark. Now RFRSH is only focused on Blast Premier sponsored by Betway. It was organized in London, having 12 teams to participate in the tournament. It was started on January 31 and ended on February 16, 2020. The participants of the championship were divided into three groups, and the top two from each were to be qualified for the finals after the best of three results. Blast premier was won by Faze Clan, an American company, and got USD 50,000 as the prize money. Natus Vincere and G2 Sports finished at second and third spots respectively. All first three positions were awarded $50,000 as a winning prize.

ESL One Rio Major 2020:

Rio Major is the sixteenth CS: GO major championship that is going to be held in Brazil from November 9 to November 22, 2020. The prize pool of Rio Major 2020 is USD 2,000,000, and twenty-four teams around the world are going to participate in this tournament. So, participate in the tournament and get yourself Legendary Eagle Mater Rank, one of the top three ranks in CS: GO, where only 3.2% of the players can reach. You can also be one of that 3.2% best players.

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