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Essential Things You Need to Know About Semi-dried Tomatoes

Italy is extremely popular among foodies for its variety of mouth-watering dishes, some of which are a part of the country’s food culture for years. To cook them, various kinds of ingredients are used. There are many types of ingredients that are common products in an Italian pantry, and semi-dried tomatoes are among them. From pizza and quiches to pasta, they are a part of many recipes from this European country.

Many times, they are confused with sun-dried tomatoes. Although the two types belong to Italy, there are different in many ways. Sun-dried tomatoes are a result of tomatoes sliced and left out in the sun until they are completely dry. After that, they can be stored at room temperature or packed in oil to use for a long time.

On the other hand, semi-dried tomatoes aren’t dried completely. They are dried about halfway, which means they have moisture to some extent. Also, they have shorter shelf life than sun-dried ones.

How to Use Semi-Dried Tomatoes 

Unlike products that people use in their pantries, semi-dried ones are little, delicious flavor bombs. When well-preserved, they can add flavors to a dish. In Italy, they are used for many purposes. Apart from that, one can get san marzano canned tomatoes, made by an Italy-based brand, to cook various kinds of dishes. Below are some of them:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Meal bowls
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches

In pizza, they can be used as toppings. They make a better and more delicious replacement for fresh tomatoes because they are not wet. Also, they do not fill an individual’s mouth with a pool of liquid.

When it comes to adding semi-dried ones to a dish for lunch, they can be combined with ricotta. Apart from that, they make an ideal option to add to an Italian salad recipe. It can add a unique yet tasty flavour to a dish.

Where to Get Semi-dried Tomatoes

For years, these items have been a part of an Italian pantry. Today, many outside the European country have started using them as an ingredient to add a flavor to Italian dishes.

Considering the increasing popularity, many have started making their own products at home. There are countless recipes on the Internet that claim to help people in preparing these ingredients at home. But you cannot get that traditional flavor that comes in San Marzano plum tomatoes from Italy.

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The gorgeous European country is known for being a fantastic host for crops like tomatoes. Grown in the region’s fertile land, these edibles have a unique taste, which you cannot experience anywhere in the world.

Apart from that, these semi-dried products have a shorter life. After making them at home, it is essential to use them as soon as possible. To increase their shelf life, it is necessary to store them in the right manner. All these things make the process of preparing them hectic and expensive.

People looking for quality semi-dried tomatoes should get them from a reputed Italy-based brand. There are some companies in the country that grow these plants in the most fertile regions and use traditional recipes to make these ingredients. Also, they make use of those recipes to store these plums in the right way.

Buyers can also get these tomatoes or San Marzano tomato puree online to receive them at their doorstep. All they need to do is to reach a reliable online store that gets its fresh plums from well-known Italian brands and supplies them fresh to customers. Getting the products, people can make delicious Italian dishes at home!

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