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Everything You Should Know About The Hair Transplant In Punjab

In recent times, hair transplant is perhaps the trending craze in humans and to one’s surprise, it is not only in those who’ve lost their hair to eventually fall but also for them who wish to alter the hairlines or get an attractive mane. However, the question that arises next is whether the hair transplants are really safe and always successful?

Steps for the hair transplant

It is the surgical procedure that involves the removal of the hair follicles from any given site in a body like a face or the legs and planting them back on a hairless portion. This very procedure is also utilized in transplanting the hair in brows and lashes. The modern techniques are very much permanent and they simply pick up the follicular clusters of the hair. This procedure is called the FUT that stands for Follicular Hair Transplantation which can usually be done in two different ways, follicular unit extraction (FUE) & strip harvesting.

FUE may be done in single or numerous settings. It is a bit of manual and time-consuming procedure but gives a very organic result and leaves behind zero marks. However, the procedure is not so cost-effective and is also time-consuming for both the patients and the. But, the use of robotics has gone on to reduce the time consumption in this process and has also simplified it quite immensely.

On the other hand, when we talk about the strip harvesting then in that process the skin strips with nice hair growth are being planted on the balding area, and in a follicular unit extraction, the hair clusters along with their very roots are removed manually and planted at the hairless sites.

It is actually the strip harvesting that is generally or rather mostly adopted by the surgeons in the modern days which leaves the slim scar at a donor site and does promise the recovery in not more than a couple of weeks.

The Steps

  • The preparation for hair transplant
  • The donor area is trimmed
  • The donor area is prepared for the surgery
  • The tissue in a donor area is removed
  • The combed hair over the sutured donor area
  • Donor tissue is trimmed into the follicular unit grafts
  • Bald beneficiary area prepared
  • The incision made in balding areas
  • Grafts placed as per their densities
  • Closing of Hair Transplant Surgery

The Must-known facts:

The hair that is transplanted behaves like an organic hair and it sheds between 2 to 4 weeks of the transplant.

Hair transplant doesn’t mean you’ll have the luxurious crop of the hair as a result varies from one person to another and has also a few links with the person’s natural quality of hair.

Final Words

The entire cost of a procedure simply depends on the total number of grafts. The formulae are quite simple, the more is the number of grafts, the higher will be the cost.

Hopefully, this guide will help you all know about the hair transplant in punjab.




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