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How IOT based application will be in demand in upcoming years

There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet of Things (IoT) these days. It is being speculated that IoT based applications will be in much demand in 2020 and upcoming years. What are the possible reasons behind its surge? Before we get to know more about that, it will be good to know a bit about the Internet of Things. Read on!

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things is a system that can connect any device to the internet and other devices that are already connected. It is a massive network of connected aspects and even people leading to the allowing of data sharing within the network.

IoT is transforming multiple facets of life these days. From parking spaces to mobile apps and more, IoT is swiftly bringing more aspects into its digital fold daily. Soon, IoT is sure to become a multimillion industry as per many reports floating over the internet.

Why has IoT been biggest innovation for apps?

  • Pioneering mode of connectivity

With the Internet of Things in action, it is now super easy to connect anywhere at any time. Yes, IoT can enable any device to be connected to the web via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more and all the major smartphone companies are focusing on launching 5G mobile phone. This way, you can avail of many connectivity options with diverse reliability, cost, bandwidth, network management and range features.

  • Wearable technologies

According to a report by Statista, there will be more than 1 billion wearable devices in operations by 2002 across the globe. The figure shows that mobile apps should have support for wearable devices to uphold demand. IoT apps are going to handle smooth communication on your wearable devices in the future.

  • Improved customer support experience

Providing quality customer support means a lot in today’s hyper-competitive market, especially when you are developing a mobile app. Hence, it becomes vital to provide your end-users with quality user experience. IoT powered apps will enable all to deliver personalized customer support services to its customers. It is one of the prime reasons that businesses are focused on the development of a mobile app-enabled by IoT.

  • Open source development possibility

IoT technology also allows mobile app developers and others to share their platforms openly. In turn, it may also help other developers to experiment with the code and create their own IoT apps. With growth and expansions ahead aplenty, the development of mobile apps looks inevitable with the Internet of Things.

  • Increased security

IoT permits next-level connectivity that may cater to concerns of security. When devices get connected to a specific network and can be accessed by a mobile phone, then it also makes the possibility of hacking and security breaches a possibility. But with IoT in action, mobile apps can be developed while keeping security on top priority.

The Internet of Things is undoubtedly the future of technology. It brings on the table effectiveness to develop mobile phone apps for business. Therefore, the developers these days spend more time nurturing an app that remains malleable when connected to other devices in the future.

The apps that won’t support IoT in the future are sure to face a competitive disadvantage. With users would surely look to perform more tasks with ease of using an app, the enabling of IoT is a must for a mobile phone app.

Thus, if the smartphone app industry would like to thrive and stay relevant among their users for years to come, they will need to opt for IoT to retain patrons in the future.

Nowadays, there are many good mobile phone under 10000 in India such as Redmi 8, Realme 5i and more with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. They are helping users to make the most of features on such phones without issues. It is also possible to use an IoT based app on phones supporting AI as both technologies go hand in hand.

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