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How to Block hulu ads on Firestick, IPhone & Ipad?

Are you a movie lover? Then of course you know about Hulu, an online streaming service for shows, movies, TV series, etc. The Hulu parent site allows you to stream your favorite videos with little to no interruptions of commercials or advertisements.

You can watch shows, videos, or anything else in Ultra HD on Hul. In addition, they charge only a low cost for that. Recently more people suspect this and ask in forums and all, “How to leave commercials in Hulu during some streaming? I would like to share my knowledge on this to clear your doubts.

There are lots of ways to skip Hulu ads or block Hulu ads. I will show you some easy steps to do this activity. Before going through the steps, let me explain to you in detail what all the material available in this article is.

Best ways to Stop/Block Hulu ads:


Skip Hulu Advertisement (Sort):

You can add the above extension to your Chrome. You can then see a blank white rectangular symbol in your top middle corner, write the number of seconds left in the advertisement in the box and unmute the video.

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How to block ads using Ad Block Plus?

Honestly, I can say that there is no exact ad blocker available in the market to block advertising in Hulu. Because all of Hulu’s advertising settings are done on the back end. Even though Rasberry Pie attempts this blocking process on the front end and makes it successful. But later it does not work well.

I can suggest you an ad block called “ad block plus”. This will not fully allow you to block or skip advertising. Instead, it will mask the ad with a blank screen.

Note: For some time your videos are also blocked by this Adblocker and it is also not disabled. Videos can show you some of the messages below. Even your ad-blocker has been turned off, you still can’t play the video and then update your latest version of Adobe Flash. Even if not then clear your cache and try.

 You can make this method one of the options. If you feel that you need some better method then follow the next methods.


Upgrade to the latest Hulu Plus No Commercial Plan:

This is a great and valid way to almost get rid of commercial advertisements. You just need to upgrade it to the Hulu Plus plan. They charge you $ 11.99 for this service. The difference in cost is less to compare with a typical plan (ie) around $ 4.

Most advertisements are removed in this scheme. Only a special advertisement would like a statue there. This is the best of this method. Even if you don’t want to use the extra chargeable, you can still look for other methods.

This particular commercial that is still not, shows that every show on Hulu Plus has advertisements, however, when you follow the viewing of the season, the subscription is usually a solid chance to reduce your ads.

Step3 :

Fast Forward Hulu Advertising:

Instead of trying for blocking or skipping, you can move advertisements faster using Ensize MySpeed software. This will help us reduce the waiting time for the completion of that advertisement. This Announce MySpeed software provides a free trial for 7 days.


Reload Hulu  page:

This is a small advertisement to make a short appearance. The Hulu program provides page ad serving that depends on the time you spend on that page. If you encounter a long ad that is about 3-4 minutes, just reload the program page that will take you to a 30-minute ad that is short. You may then be able to continue your program.


Use two Hulu programs to load at the same time: [follows the steps]

Step 1: Go to Hulu Streaming and select the program you want to watch.

Step 2: In the second tab, open the same video once again in the first tab.

Step 3: Mute the second tab video and fast forward it before the first commercial advertisement.

Step 4: Now go to the first tab Hulu video and watch your show.

Step 5: If it touches the first advertisement, mute it. Now open the second tab Hulu video and unmute it, rewind the opening commercial as well.

Step 6: As it has already shown that ad, the program will start immediately with such a tip, hence “skipping” the ad.

Step 7: By jumping into the tabs back and forth of Hulu programs, you can watch the entire show efficiently to prevent some of these 30 unpleasant commercials.

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How to block Hulu ads on iPhone or iPad

You can use this pihole, which I recently researched on the Goodbye ads Mad by Jerryn 70. It works very well.


Hulu makes its income based on advertising and membership. However, watching the advertisement for 4 minutes causes some inconvenience to the users. My suggestion is to go with the Hulu Plus upgrade which avoids the hurdle to see your program. You can also go with Netflix.

Note: The tips and tricks you have shared are 100% safe and will help you avoid advertising troubles.

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