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How to deal with a child’s board exam stress for mathematics

When it comes to class 10, understand that your child must be under immense stress to perform and do good. It’s important that you make them feel comfortable and don’t put them under any excessive pressure to do well. It’s important to let them know that no matter what the result, it’s good enough for the entire family. You must try to get rid of or at most, ease out the math phobia that creeps in during the exam time. It’s a match made in hell when combined with the stress of board exams. Read on to know how you can do well when it comes to math board exams and take less stress ane prepare with a calm mind.

Why is mathematics so widely feared?

The problem with mathematics as a subject is that it has too many concepts to memorize and then apply. The CBSE class 10th maths question papers will give you an example of the same.

This is great for some people because they have sharp minds that are built for math applications.  However many children, even after knowing how to solve problems, get stressed last minute and forget concepts that they already knew. The dread of mathematics as a subject is extremely hard on your mental health if you are trying to memorize theorems and formulas last minute. 

 There’s a very wrong perception that exists among parents that doing well in mathematics requires the child to be extremely intelligent. This wrong notion makes a child fear the subject without even trying. Mathematics is all about regular practice and nothing else. Intelligence is a bonus no doubt but children can perform equally well without that added bonus. 

Understand how math phobia occurs

To understand how math phobia occurs, you need to get to the roof of it, starting with the fact that math is not an easy subject to understand. Unlike English and History as subjects, Maths is all about numbers and how you grasp them. Math phobia is a feeling of extreme anxiety that students experience while trying to solve given problems. This anxiety comes as stress. It can be mild or on the other end, inducing a feeling of helplessness and psychological and mental disorganization.  This has a negative impact on the health of the student and a long lasting effect on their mind, making them go through panic attacks, depression, nausea, headache and shivering.

So when you see your child getting stressed out, it’s important to find the root cause and cure it immediately before it becomes a full blown problem. Sometimes the cause can be teachers. Teachers can be too harsh and can sometimes rush forward through topics that can’t be understood.

Teachers need to be calm and patient and should adjust their pace according to the comprehension skills and the aptitude of different students. Give them cbse mathematics class 10 papers to practice. Some students might require you to break down mathematical concepts for them into smaller, easily understandable units for the students to digest easily. Teachers must make themselves available and most importantly, easily approachable for students whenever they need help and assistance.

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