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How to Disable Voice Control Feature of the iPhone?

In this digitally advanced world, almost every person uses a smartphone. The popularity of smartphones has forced companies to add some cool features. Moreover, the competition between brands is forcing this industry to make continuous upgrades. The most important feature among all these smartphones is voice control. Every brand is trying to make its voice control the best in the market. From Samsung’s Bixby to the iPhone Siri each of them is capable of controlling almost every feature of the mobile. Being able to control all your mobile features trough your voice commands could surely make your life easy and stress-free. But sometimes you do not need such features and you prefer to disable them for some time. Therefore, you might be searching for how to disable this feature on your iPhone. For android this disabling it is pretty easy but for IOS it could become very tricky.

How to Turn It Off?

Where Siri is helpful at the same time could become a headache especially if you do not like a lady speaking out to you every time. So, by following the step mentioned below you could easily disable voice control of your iPhone.

  • The first step is to click the settings icon on your smartphone screen.
  • Once you are inside the setting you need to find the “Accessibility” icon.
  • After clicking on the accessibility icon, you would see the home button settings option inside.
  • Tap that home button setting option in the accessibility to change the voice control settings.
  • You would see that there is an option of hold and speak make sure you turn that option off.
  • Well, it was that simple, congratulations you have successfully turned off voice control on your smartphone.

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Following these steps is the simple solution for disabling your voice control option on the iPhone. You might want to turn your voice command option on in the future. Then by following this same procedure in the future, you could turn this option back on. If you need such valuable information about gadgets, I would recommend you to visit Gadget Reviews. They have the most authentic and effective information about different gadgets available in the market.

What Is Voice Control?

Apple is always dedicated to provide top of the line features to its consumers. Voice control is of these features that could make the life of every user a lot easier. This option allows you to control every feature of your smartphone without even touching its screen. You could make a call during driving just by asking Siri to call a specific person from your phone book. Basically, the iPhone uses artificial intelligence to perform all the functions for you. You could create emails, book appointments, send SMS, and do whatever you could think of. Apple has made a lot of progress in this artificial intelligence and now Siri is fully equipped to browse the internet to create movie lists and even tell you whether daily. Siri has even helped in the education sector it plays a huge role in classrooms. It allows teachers to maintain documentation for their students and keep a record of class progress.

Why Turn Off Siri?

Where there are a lot of benefits of voice control at the same time there are some disadvantages. Some of them are listed below.

  • Siri could only function with an active internet connection as it depends on cloud computing. Without the internet, it could perform only a limited number of functions.
  • It doesn’t even work very well in the areas with bad cellular service.
  • There is a big language barrier you need to speak good English to operate it completely. Recently Apple has added some new languages to Siri but they are still very limited options.
  • If you have a strong accent or speak too fast Siri would not understand what you are saying.
  • Siri ignores the silent mode and it is always audible.

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