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How to Index Your Website in Google’s Search Engine

Here we going to show you a best way to index your website in google There are over 1.95 billion websites on the Internet as of 2019. Searching for a particular website without a search engine is nearly impossible because you would have to use the exact address (URL) of a website to access it in a browser and unless one knows the exact address, one cannot access it.

Internet connects the entire world separated by borders and oceans and it becomes self-evident why a search engine is necessary because people from across the continents wouldn’t know your website but they may be in need of the services your website has to offer and could access your website only through means of keywords that may be relevant to your website’s services or the similar keywords used in your website

And that’s exactly why a search engine is a necessary aspect of Internet world as it presents a user sites when a user puts in certain keywords that are either identical to ones used somewhere in your website or relevant to the services that your site has to offer using complex algorithms and machine learning.

Google’s Search Engine:

Now there are various search engines available on the Internet but Google is the most dominant, most used and the largest search engine available in the cyber world to the point that it has become a cultural phenomenon.

Phrases like “Google It” are what symbolize the cultural phenomenon that Google has become due to its extensive use by almost everyone on the Internet.

That brings us to the big question. How to get Google to know your website as well as present it to its users in its search results!

This article explains how it’s done and what to use it for this purpose.  Basically the Web could be considered analogous to the literal spider web, which is a complex chain of networks structured and navigated by spiders.

Google has its own figurative spiders that structure and navigate the web in its search engine. These spiders are the indexers that index various web pages according to the order that is determined by its algorithms. A user will not be able to find your web pages in the foremost search results if your webpages have not been indexed.

They’ll lay hidden in some dark forgotten corners in the unknown depths of cyberspace until Google’s spiders gradually reach those depths and index them automatically but by then, you may have lost the objective for your website speaking generally.

Google Indexing:

To ensure that Google’s spiders index your website (if newly created) or to index the updates to your webpages, you have to use Indexing tools available online that ping your webpages to different search engines.

For Example, a free online “Ping Website Tool” offered by Prepostseo allows you to ping your webpages to Google and 64 other search engines in real-time. All you have to do is paste your web page’s URL in the text bar and click on the “Ping” button and it will start pinging your webpages by sending requests to search engines with the capability to send 650 requests at one time. This allows Google and other search engines to become aware of your webpages and its spiders index your data by updating Google’s database.

Advantages of Indexing:

There are countless advantages to indexing your websites, webpages to Google.

  • First off, you are creating your website for the purpose of engaging or facilitating services online both of which are nearly impossible without indexing your website or webpage
  • Consider that you have some content that you have published

Is plagiarized content get indexed?

Here’s what Google means when they say penalty:

“In the rare cases in which Google perceives that duplicate content may be shown with intent to manipulate our rankings and deceive our users, we’ll also make appropriate adjustments in the indexing and ranking of the sites involved. As a result, the ranking of the site may suffer, or the site might be removed entirely from the Google index, in which case it will no longer appear in search results.”

The point is very much clear that if your content is not paraphrased enough your articles may be removed from the Google Index.

It is always recommended not to write copied content at the very place. Nevertheless, if you are in need to write a content or inspired by the article writing of others, always go for a an article spinner which is popular among masses.

Is paraphrasing harmful for Indexed Content?

Let us clear one more misconception of paraphrasing. It’s rumored that paraphrasing is not a good practice. However, if done correctly according to the academic rules and used after rephrasing in your own words, then it’s not harmful for your content.

There’s no such online paraphrasing tool that can write perfectly a new paraphrased content for you. But there is one available on the internet named Quillbot. According to Rohan Gupta, COO of Quillbot, they are working on cutting-edge technology to develop AI paraphrasing tool.

Well, they might get success in it since sophisticated technology has made everything possible in science & tech world. Yet, it is recommended to write or paraphrase manually for error-free content.

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