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How to remove pimples on your back with home remedies

Acne on the back is one of the most common. We show you how to remove pimples on your back with the best 100% natural home remedies.

Gentle exfoliation is a practice you can do to keep your back free of dead cells and impurities, which are responsible for clogged pores and lead to the appearance of pimples. Take note because there will be things that you will have to correct in your routine.

We offer you some tips and home remedies on how to remove pimples on your back and get rid of them forever. Besides, we tell you the most common causes of its appearance.

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Why do pimples come out on my back

There are several reasons why acne begins to appear not only on the back but also on other areas of the body. Depending on where those granites appear, the reason may be different.

These are the main causes of these imperfections:

  • Stress can manifest itself in our body with pain, allergies, or the appearance of acne. A constant state of nerves and acceleration can cause a greater production of fat derived from body stress.
  • Genetics may be solely responsible for having inherited that acne in the same areas as your parents.
  • Poor diet, excess of some unhealthy nutrients and lack of others necessary, can alter sugar levels and promote the appearance of pimples on the back.
  • Fats and sweating are causes of pimples on the back that produce dead cells, bacteria, and dirt in that area, causing the growth of blackheads. Besides, constant sweating is another cause of acne, especially in clothing that does not allow the skin to perspire well.
  • The use of certain medications such as antidepressants also has among their side effects the appearance of pimples on the back.

How to avoid pimples on your back

Among the tips to avoid pimples on your back, you can use clothing that allows the skin to sweat, shower after exercise, gently exfoliate from time to time and apply a pimple cream on your back daily. We explain it carefully below:

  • Gentle exfoliation at least once a week with the right tools helps prevent acne from developing. But keep in mind that these cannot damage the skin’s skin barrier, otherwise you will spread the infection.
  • Constant hydration using grain creams on the back or soapy products in the morning and before bed is also essential. Better if it has an antiseptic effect because it will be more effective.
  • Use a soft sponge during the shower to better wash and remove dirt from your back. You can use an object to help you get to all areas.
  • The perspiration of the skin is essential during the day because this way it comes off dead cells and other excess particles. The use of breathable garments in areas such as the back or armpits is essential. Conversely, tight clothing and wearing layers of non-cotton fabrics for hours hinder this function.

How to remove pimples on your back with home remedies

The appearance of pimples on the back affects men and women equally and, unlike acne on the face, has nothing to do with age. We can suffer from this condition at any time in our lives.

We have already told you the causes of pimples on the back and now we want to offer you some simple home remedies to help you eliminate them.

  • Opt for a pH-neutral shower gel. We recommend that you dispense with the use of perfumed soaps, better to opt for those that have neutral formulas.
  • A very effective grain cream is one made with natural lemon yogurt. The reason is that yogurt contains lactic acid, one of the ingredients in professional peels.
  • Coarse salt or brown sugar is also great for exfoliating the skin on your back. Put a small amount in an exfoliating mitt or a washcloth and do small massages on your back, especially where you have pimples.
  • Tea tree oil is one of the natural antiseptics that help treat pimples on your back. Also, it helps in the healing process. You just have to soak a cotton ball with water and drop a drop of this oil and apply it where you have pimples or marks.
  • Honey is a good remedy when we get an acne outbreak in a certain area of ​​the back since it is antibacterial. Apply it for 10 minutes and shower afterward, using aloe vera to conclude, since it is a natural moisturizer in addition to having healing properties.
  • Drink plenty of water daily to be well hydrated and avoid sugary drinks.

All these home remedies should not replace the aesthetic and dermatological treatments that specialists have recommended, as they are quite effective in the long term.

The Bottom Line

The use of products containing zinc, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid, as well as masks with sodium bicarbonate mixed with water is also effective. A mint infusion will also be beneficial to eliminate pimples on the back, as menthol is anti-inflammatory. As well as the retinol of the white of the egg, which helps the growth of epithelial cells. Finally, the peels leave the pores free of impurities and black spots thanks to the use of acids such as salicylic or benzoyl peroxide to eliminate the marks left by the pimples.

Try these remedies and say goodbye to these annoying blemishes, without forgetting to treat the causes of pimples on your back.

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