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How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

We might not always get the chance or opportunity to get our hair extensions or actual human hair straightened out with heat for many reasons.

It might be intentional – you probably gave up and decided to join the no-heat club after hearing of all these talks from hair gurus about how heat can be damaging to hair, and why we should stay away from its use.

Your 10-year-old daughter might be fighting you off every time it’s “straightening hair time,” and you’re starting to realize you can’t win that war, so you’re looking for solutions.

Whatever the case, if you need some ideas on how to get straight hair without heat, you’ve come to the right place.

Use Products Designed to Straighten Hair

You may have noticed that different products on the market are made or specially designed for different hair and other purposes.

Using the right products for their intended purpose goes a long way to helping one achieve more desirable results.

You might be looking to keep your hair extensions straight after washing, for example making the mistake of using curly hair shampoos or conditioners for this human hair of yours might deter you from achieving the straight results you are looking for.

That’s why it is important to remember to use the right products both for washing and for styling. You can use Indique Hair Care shampoo for virgin hair extensions to keep your hair healthy and safe.

Blow-dry on low heat

Yup! You guessed right – This tip certainly comes as no surprise, and should be one of the simplest ways to straighten your hair without heat even if you fail to remember the rest.

Instead of blow-drying or straightening hair on high heat, opt for low heat instead, and your hair would thank you for it.

When done properly, there’s a high chance you might not be able to tell the difference in results if compared to heat straightening.

Brushing Until Dry

After washing hair, try brushing continuously with the wet brush and pull on the hair from an upward to the downward manner with your hands until hair is completely dry.

It might take some time to finally get satisfactory results, but depending on how thick your hair is, the help of air drying might escalate the process.

This method works best for hair types and textures that are not naturally extremely curly.

Use of Plastic Rollers

Ever heard of plastic rollers? You might know them as jumbo rollers. These have always worked wonders for many people over the years and still remain a necessity in the hair and beauty world.

Remember how aunts and mums would always walk around the house with these like it’s nobody’s business?

Well, that’s right! They knew what they were about and wanted to achieve, and so should you.

Many young people (even some adults) do feel shy whenever they need to keep in rollers and move about with it.

If you’re really bent on straightening your hair without heat, then don’t be shy rolling up your hair and going about your activities with those jumbos.

The Use of Natural Foods

For natural product lovers, you may want to consider the use of various combination masks or mixtures such as egg and milk masks, honey and banana, olive oil and eggs, honey and milk masks, lemon juice, and coconut milk mask, and many more.

I know the thought or sound of some of these combinations (especially ones with egg or milk) might irk some of you out, but hey, if you ever have issues using any of these because you’re scared of their smell taking over your body or hair, for example, worry not – for there is hope.

Sometimes people who aren’t as brave when it comes to applying the mixtures directly opt-in for add-ons like lemon or lime juice, essential oils, or any other natural product with good masking abilities basically.

These would help you get through the process with ease, and you might have no difficulties even keeping them on for a while.

Always remember that your hair needs food too, sometimes “real food” in order to stay healthy.

Applying real food items like the ones mentioned above ensures your hair gets all the love and nutrients they need too! Once You follow these Healthy Hair habits you will definitely get some good results.

Hair Smoothing Products and Essential Oils

Just like using natural food ingredients, essential oils also provide a natural luxury touch to our hair, and our hairs have always loved them.

Hair smoothing products also contribute nicely if you apply them, comb hair thoroughly, and allow to air-dry just like with the method of the plastic roller.

If you’re tired of using heat in every hair situation and want a change, your prayers have been answered.

For those who didn’t think straightening hair without heat was possible, now you know how well attainable it is.

The next time your friend or sister might be in need of some tips, please don’t hesitate to pass on what you just learned – you might save a life!

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How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

We might not always get the chance or opportunity to get our hair extensions or actual human hair straightened out with heat for many...