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How to Take Care of Granite Worktops

How to Take Care of Granite Worktops: Over past years, Granite based worktops are becoming predominant in households. These granite surfaces are known for their beautiful look, durability, and easy maintenance as well. This article will inform you regarding the caring and support of your favourite worktops.

Best Way to Take Care of Granite Worktops

Amongst the many options you may have for stone counterparts, Granite is one material that is easy to maintain. The amount of work needed to maintain granite worktops is very less compared to its fellow worktops.

With the below-explained information, you can able to keep your countertops looking great for decades.

Sealing and its importance

Granite being a porous material, may allow any liquids and stains to easily make their way into the worktops.

To avoid these issues, you have to seal your worktop. Sealing includes applying the sealant material (bulletproof sealer & superior stone sealer) to the pores in the Granite worktops. This makes it tough for stains and liquids to penetrate.

Steps to seal your worktops

Sealing the worktop is a quick and straightforward process as mentioned below:

  • Choose the sealant material
  • Clean the surface of your granite countertop
  • Apply the sealer
  • Wipe the excess sealer material
  • Let it dry for 24 hours (at least)

But how do you know the time for re-sealing your granite countertop?

Just perform a simple test,

  • Pour a small amount of water on your worktop
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes
  • See if the water is getting inside your worktops
  • If you find water being absorbed, then its time to re-seal.

Make your Granite Disinfect

Porous nature of the granite can allow infection but there are fewer chances for the granite to get damaged due to bacteria compared to other materials or worktops.  In case of infection, bleaching is not recommended as it may damage the surface.

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Soaps and detergents have antimicrobial elements which are worktop friendly chemicals. Along with soap chemicals, you can add isopropyl alcohol to wipe the granites keeping your granite counterparts disinfect and shining for years.

Do’s and Don’ts for taking Care of Granite Worktops

Things to Do:

Clean the spills immediately:

Cleaning spills directly is one of the best ways to keep your granite countertops in good shape. Cleaning your worktops regularly will help you to maintain them in your long-run.

Use Trivets, Hot pads, wooden cutters, and coasters for better protection. 

Although Granite is a heat resistant material, you should not keep the smoking materials for a long time. Use wooden cutters for cutting the vegetables, coasters to keep the drinks and trivets to keep the smoking materials. Always avoid direct contact with hot materials.

Clean the worktops frequently.

Considering regular cleaning as the best option to keep your granites clean and shiny, and also use mild detergents for this purpose to protect the surface in your long-run. Spray the solution and wipe with a smooth cloth.

Things You don’t:

 Never use the abrasive cleaners

You should not use strong chemicals to clean your worktops. Use a mild detergent with warm water while cleaning.

 Avoid liquids from your counterpart

Keeping fluids on your countertop is a bad idea. Always use different locations to store your cooking oil, perfumes, lotions, etc

Always keep these things in mind and follow them as instructed above to clean your worktops and maintain your granite countertops to shine for decades.

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