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Interesting Factors About Indian Railways To Make Your Rail Journeys Comfortable

There are so many different ways in which you can ensure that your railway journeys stay comfortable, cordial, effective and quick. You should make the most of Indian railways by availing the best provisions.

The reality is Indian railways have become really advanced these days. You can easily explore many facilities that are not just comfortable, effective and valuable but also game changing and really speedy. Following are a few of the many factors that would give you a quick glance.

PNR Number

Have you ever come across or read about this PNR number? Passenger Name Record number is kind of a unique ten-digit number. The number is offered against every booked train ticket. No matter you do the booking of ticket online or you do it on the counter in the railway station), the ticket is surely going to have a PNR number. Every type of railway ticket that has been reserved is in waiting or otherwise has a PNR number.

This number always informs you about the present status of your ticket on waiting list or also on RAC i.e. reservation against cancellation queue. If there is an instance that you purchase a WL ticket or an RAC ticket, you are going to be allotted a distinct 10-digit PNR number. In case you have done booking of your ticket on last moment for a journey or trip and it is in waiting list; you might not have to worry. There is going to be no requirement to get tensed. You can comfortably keep in touch with the updates via PNR status.  Once you go through the passenger name record, you get the details right there. You can easily check it online and in this manner, you would remain informed about the confirmation of ticket.  Once you have all the information in hand, you can be surer about your trip.

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In the earlier times, people used to go to the railway stations and inquire about the ticket availability and so on. but today these hassles have been deteriorated to a great extent. You can get all the information in the hand without making nay calls or going to any railway stations.  After all, the ease of the passengers is becoming the first priority of Indian Railways.

The 139 Number

Once you know about Railway pnr enquiry number 139, you have all the things on your desk.  All you need to do is you just need to send a SMS on this number and you would be given the data you are looking for. It is one nation -wide ten digits Number for all the queries or questions related to Rail Passenger.   apparently, whether you are living in one corner or in any other area of the nation; you can get the information you need right by sending an SMS.

The passengers or users can comfortably call, send an SMS or even make use of USSD from any Town, hamlet or City in the absence of any STD for all general enquiries of train running and reservation associated enquiries. These inquiries might be like that of PNR Status, Ticket (General & Tatkal) obtainability, Platform of the train, Train Arrival, Departure, Diverted & even Annulled Schedules, Ticket Cancellation, Fare, Seat availability, Destination Alert, Wake-up Call and so on.  Once you send the enquiry on the number, you can get utmost effectivity.

  • The wonderful news is that it is reachable from all telephones (Landline your Mobile, etc.) Also, from every Service Providers.
  • Information might get accumulated in Regional languages other than English and Hindi.
  • Positively, these things make it comfortable and effortless for you to attain information related to anything and anytime. You would not have to go to railway station and stand in queues to receive the info.

There are three speedy ways to check your PNR status. Have a look:

  • You can do that with a smartphone application
  • With the help of SMS service
  • Online via your PC

You can send the 10-digit PNR number  you have on three-digit number 139.  You can send 10-digit PNR number to 5676747 also.  Finally, there are diverse applications and platforms out there that might instantly get you the particulars. In this way you will get a proper picture of status of your ticket.  The wonderful part is that you can experience all the amenities provided by railways right from your zone of comfort and with ease. These are the things that do matter in the lives of passengers.

Meals of your choice

You can come across advanced facilities in trains that allow you to experience scrumptious and hygienic food items. You can easily avail Food in Train for you.  In this manner you would get the food fresh, warm and absolutely hygienic that too in the absence of any problem. You are going to get the food parcel right on the next station on which your train halts. But you need to make the order around an hour in advance.

Earlier where you used to pack your food and use to take it along, now that hassle is not needed. You can simply order the food when you need it. in some trains, you can get the food from the train pantry  and in other cases you can place an order too. the beauty of digitalisation is that you can get everything on your palms and that too without any inconvenience. After all, you just have to place the order and you would get the meals or snacks right away in an hour. So, the ones who used to be worried about the hygiene and other cleanliness issues do not have to worry now. The food gets there right from the railway restaurants and hence cleanliness is ensured because the packages are sealed.


So, what do you think about Indian railways now? The next time you book a train ticket for your journey, make sure that you avail all these provisions for your benefit and ease.

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