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Key Points Critical to a Law Firm’s Website Design

An attractive, well designed and visually appealing law firm’s website is the epicentre of their digital presence. For the reason, law firm website design must be carried out by a specialist with utmost attention to details. The navigation experience for users decides how long would a viewer spend on your website, the addition of widgets and tools allows more flexibility in accessing different aspects of a law firm’s website and the quality of digital branding techniques applied will generate leads from clients within diverse financial brackets.

There should be a pre-decided working pipeline for a law firm’s website. Right from website planning, mockup evaluation processes, readying content, forming compelling headlines all the way to contact forms, ease-of-use, and access on all devices. Below you can find some points that prove critical in deciding the success of your law firm’s website –

Content –

It is true when they say, content is gold. Make use of industry-relevant copywriters who can crack the secret to luring a client to your law firm’s services. The very first impression is set from a law firm’s landing page, this should have a headline that ranks high on internet search engines and also instantly connects with the viewer. Blogs, articles, newsletters and relevant editorials must be organized in a strategic manner to avoid cluttering. Maintaining the elegance of your law firm’s content informs your viewers of your company’s standards.


Investing in a legit SEO marketing campaign and making use of their expertise is a sure shot manner of generating leads to increase your ROI. More than all, the quality of leads and applicability of your leads in your domain of expertise in the field of law matters. If you work on an SEO-optimized website for your film or business law firm, then the SEO instilled website assures clients who are in the field of film and business respectively.

Effective CTA Strategy –

Once your clients have read what you want them to read, the odds are that they are acting in a manner you expected. Place a strong call-to-action (CTA) button strategically after a page or section that describes your proposition clearly. Make sure the CTA is clearly visible and also make sure it’s not too big. Run some tests on people to see if they landed-up falling for the clickbait you had planted. Even the colour of the CTA should match the theme of your website and it should be in unison.

Achievements –

Allocate a section of your website that lists your awards, publications, research papers, high-end cases, and long-term established clients within the industry. During any law firm website development, this factor should be taken into consideration to avoid shifting back and forth to fit in an unplanned section. This page gives you a platform and base to build credibility for potential clients. Often, key results post-completion of several cases are gone unnoticed. This ‘achievements’ section on your website allows a law firm the opportunity to reignite the past and throw light upon such information for letting your clients know your capabilities.

Simple Contact Forms & Security for Clients

Often, a prospective client will leave information such as name, location, email address, phone number, type of problem, a brief description of their problem and probably even some attached documents for the law firm to refer too. To protect this personal information and not let it leak into the lap of 3rd party law firms and the world wide web altogether – stringent, proven and effective security measures must be adopted during law firm website design. Create a zero-tolerance policy for all phishing agents on the internet and take them to court if they attempt to steal any digital information from your website.

Branding –

This is the strongest and most necessary element to consider when designing a law firm’s website. Strong branding strategies enable the law firm to showcase their values, principles, standards, accomplishments, work ethic and global exposure in a manner that cannot be missed. The whole point of a website is to familiarize a potential client with your law firm’s working culture, prior history in the court of law, ability to represent a client in court and overall success in the domain. A foolproof branding methodology, when adopted, assures that no key information is missing and that the intended message is put out clearly with no vagueness in the message at all.

Consider inculcating client testimonials, slideshows of your most famous and case-relevant projects, images of you receiving awards on behalf of your firm, case studies and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Speaking of vital technical elements, work towards a flawless and highly responsive design, lightning speed, inclusion of extremely compatible frameworks, etc. If even 80 percent of the above-mentioned points are included in your law firm’s website design strategy then lead generation, increase in ROI and great internet reach is inevitable.

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