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Lockdown Series: Top TV Shows to Quaran-stream While Stuck at Home

With the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, a fraction of the entire world’s population is now living in lockdown, keeping themselves sheltered, sanitised, and virus-free. We’ve all been inside for like a couple of months or longer, basically with nothing much left to do at home. 

So, how do you cope with this ‘self-isolation’ thing being the new norm? 

TVs are probably our closest companion these days, one of the things that help many of us get through this chaos. And that’s okay! Keeping oneself busy and entertained is something we all need to practise today more than ever. 

We hate to see how the number of death and positive cases around us dramatically rises every single day and there is not even a sign of flattening the curve. This is a tragedy that tortures many of us, causing agitation and anxiety, which we all know is not healthy for us, especially in these troubling times.

Whether you’re looking for something fun to do to get you away from too much worrying or some romantic series to help you escape the reality, we’ve got you a list of TV shows worth watching. So, get that fluffy blanket and curl up on the sofa as cinema curtains are finally opening from the comfort of your house.   

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Please Like Me

They say some dose of laughter is what we all need in these uncertain days so we’re starting off with a dramedy that tells the story of a 20-something gay, trying to open up with his sexuality while taking care of his mother who sort of attempted suicide and after being dumped by his girlfriend. The lead character is played by Australian comedian Josh Thomas who perfectly portrayed an awkward, clever, and delightful Josh you’ll surely fall in love with. Check this out on Hulu

Dispatches From Elsewhere

Based on the documentary film “The Institute”, here is a mystery drama series starring How I Met Your Mother’s very own, Marshall Eriksen, Jason Segel himself. If your interest is some kind of a game-like mystery, then this series is a must-try. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Spirited Away


In case you’d love the chance to escape the real world, Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film that will bring you to a different dimension, where you’ll meet the friendly and the not-so-friendly forest spirits and a 10-year-old girl who will take the forest adventure to save her parents. This film is a masterpiece of the noted Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. 

Add “Spirited Away” to your list on Netflix and enjoy TV time with your kids!     

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)


Down to our personal favourite — a Spanish series that features the biggest heist in history, La Casa de Papel (or widely known as Money Heist) is a story of a criminal mastermind “The Professor” with a genius plan to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To pull this off, he will need the help of his team, a group of thieves with certain abilities and interesting capital city names. How the show has taken the world by storm is for you to find out only on Netflix. Trust us when we say that once you’ve watched the first season, Money Heist will keep you coming back for more.     


Another Spanish hit is a teen thriller-drama that revolves around working-class kids who will accept a scholarship in the most exclusive school in Spain. Find out murder will trigger the clash between these scholars and the wealthy students on the campus. Netflix is really helping us pass the time by offering a great list of films and series to binge-watch during our abundant free time. Stream “Elite” on Netflix or host a watch party with your friends to catch them at the same time.      


Calling all hopeless romantics out there, “You” is an atypical romantic genre and a darker sort of “Notting Hill”. Maybe it’s safe to say that this series is more of a psychological thriller about a dangerously-charming bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, who would do anything, even at its extremest point, for an awkward crush-turned-love-and-obsession. The show was initially premiered on Lifetime but the good news is that you can also catch this on Netflix.   


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