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Mobile App Design Trends in 2020

Mobile App Design Trends in 2020: Design is the strength of any mobile app, and it is one of the most important elements that create a difference between a good and a bad mobile app. Design contributes to forming a user experience, which is crucial to the success of a mobile app. today, good mobile app development companies put their major focus on design and make sure the app looks, feels, and functions flawlessly. However, the definition of good design is not fixed, and it largely depends on what users like and accept.

With time the Mobile App Design Trends changes, and people shift their design taste from time to time. Therefore designers keep introducing new designs concepts to influence users with better design. 2020 also brought some design trends to increase users’ satisfaction in mobile apps. These following design trends are popular in 2020, and designers are including these trends in current mobile app designs.

Ultramodern Colors

Today, we see mobile apps loaded with futuristic colours, and particularly neons. A mix of pop colours like purple, pink and blue are being used in illustrations and design to give an eclectic look to the mobile screens. Mobile app designers are playing with every colour in the rainbow to make their work stand apart.

So, we can say that in contrast to earthy tones and shades of nature, colours that pop is more popular these days. Also, these colours are vivid and pop against dark backgrounds, giving a glowy and techy look. Dark backgrounds are already in the app design trends, and mixing these colours with dark modes are giving a whole new look to mobile app designs.

Beside the looks and design, the use of these techy purple and blue is also to use the strong display of advanced smartphones. Today, phones can display vibrant colours to their full potential. It’s related to technology as well, and this is why designers are playing with these colours in bigger ways than before.

Illustrations at the Epicenter

Illustrations are becoming a high-fashioned part of mobile app designs these days. It is not graphics that play around but true illustrations that depict art and creativity so vivid in an app. After the flat design, semi-flat illustrations and designs combined with eye-catching colour palettes are being used in mobile apps to make them look modern and up-to-date in app design trends.

A modern design not only depicts good design, but it gives a whole idea about the app functionality. Integrating better design can underscore the quality of the app features and highlights its functions. This app design trend intends to gasp users’ attention and hold onto it long enough to ensure they get all the needed information.

Dark Modes

To improve app functionality at the most, developers and mobile app development companies go beyond normal and make sure they deliver the best to their users. Users spend a lot of time at night in front of their smart devices, and this can impact their eyes. To make it feasible for them, dark modes are getting popular around mobile apps. The dark mode uses light text placed against dark backgrounds. The dark mode is also friendly with the phone’s battery usage; it is less demanding on the battery. Designers are using neons and other glowing shades to make a design appear vivid against dark backgrounds.

Transparent Elements

Transparent design elements are a very useful mobile app design and which is why it is still popular among designers. Gradients are combined with transparent hues in mobile apps designs to give them a whole new look. Gradients have been using in mobile apps for long, but the way they are used makes the new ones different from old versions. In 2020, we see gradients and overlays used as transparent elements in mobile designs.

Transparent designs make it feel light on the eyes. It gives users an impact of easy accessibility and ease of use in mobile apps.

So, you should be using space wisely to make things fit best in the right place. Transparent elements and gradients create a visible barrier between the text and the image. However, this barrier looks more like a sheer curtain than a stoppage.

Personalization and Customization

Another major mobile app design trend in 2020 is personalization and customization features in apps. Since WhatsApp and other popular mobile apps have introduced the dark-mode-version within their current app designs, customization is setting trends in mobile app designs.

Customization is what can resolve a lot of users’ issues. Also, it can fix the heavy difference of opinion among users. It can treat each user individually. With customization options, users can have hands-on designs experience exactly how they want it.

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