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In-depth Information of Modern Construction Methods

Modern construction methods are basically those methods that have been developed in the construction industry with proper design and planning so that each project is completed in lower cost and lesser time while maintaining overall sustainability. There are several modern methods that are being followed by construction firms in the present time. Some of the most popular and highly applied modern construction methods are listed and elaborated below:

  • Precast Flat Panel System

This construction method mainly involves the procedure of making wall and floor units off site. For this purpose, separate facilities and factory outlets are required. Once the panel units are ready as per their design requirements and specifications, they are transported to the site and installed. This method is best for repetitive or similar construction projects.

The panels that are manufactured have the services of doors, windows, and finishes. This precast method is also used for manufacturing building envelope panels with decorative cladding and insulation by builders in calgary.

  • 3D Volumetric Construction

As the name suggests, 3D volumetric construction is basically manufacturing of 3D units off site. The 3D units are built in the form of modules and are brought to the site at the time of installation where they are assembled together module by module. As each of the modular unit is a 3D unit, this construction method is known as 3D volumetric construction.

These modules are transported in various forms or ways. For example, they can be transported in the form of basic structure or a complete unit with all external and internal finishes, and services installed. In this case the only task remaining is their assembly. The construction team brings these units constructed off-site to the site where they assemble them to construct the final product. This method is best for repetitive projects as rapid assembly of units is possible.

  • Precast Concrete Foundations

This method is used for quick construction of foundations and is best suited for bespoke foundation designs. In this method, the elements required for manufacturing foundation are constructed in the factory separately and then brought to the site where they are assembled. These manufactured products have the assured quality and design as specified by the designers. The assembled foundation is mostly supported by the concrete tiles. While the foundation is being assembled, both the systems are joined together. These foundation systems together increase the quality and productivity, and decrease the quantity of soil excavation. This construction method is best suited for adverse and extreme weather conditions. It is also the best choice when construction has to be carried on highly contaminated areas.

  • Flat Slab Construction

Flat slabs are basically structural elements that are very versatile in nature. It is due to their versatility that they are used so widely in construction. The flat slab offers minimum depth and rapid construction. This system also provides flexible column grids, which is another advantage. Wherever it’s necessary to seal slab soffit partitions due to acoustic and fire concerns, these flat slabs are one of the best solutions. If you compare flat slab to other forms of construction, you’ll realize that flat slabs are more economic and faster in nature. The construction of these flat slabs are completed with a good finish for soffits to ensure that their outlook is flawless. The flat slab construction method also increases energy efficiency by allowing the exploitation of thermal mass of the building in the design of heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements.

  • Twin Wall Technology

The twin wall technology is basically a hybrid solution of wall system that guarantees waterproof reliability and structural integrity for the building. This system comes the qualities of precast concrete and erection speed with the structural integrity of the in-situ concrete. It has two wall slabs separated by a cast in the lattice girders. The process involves several steps including

  1. Placing wall units in the site.
  2. Temporarily propping twin units
  3. Joining the wall units by means of reinforcing
  4. Filling the gap between wall units by using concrete.

This twin wall system of construction is faster as compared to traditional constructional methods and is way more economical. This twin wall system is usually employed in the construction of precast floors which are manufactured off-site and then transported to the construction site.

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