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Proposing On Valentine’s Day? Make It Special With One Of These Rings

Nothing says love and Valentine’s Day quite like red and pink hues!

Of course, this day is meant to celebrate romance, love, and passion. But it is also the best time for you to pop the question!

If you are planning to ask her out, then you need a ring that is perfect. And there is nothing better than tungsten carbide wedding bands. But kick it up a notch by adding rose gold to it… after all, it is VALENTINE’S DAY!

Yes, rose gold has become the norm. It has also inspired various shades in fashion, technology, and beauty. Since it radiates romance and love, you can never go wrong with rose gold.

Still not convinced about choosing this metal for Valentine’s Day? Keep reading this article to find out some beautiful designs that will leave her besotted!

Classic rose gold rings

If you are planning to go the old school way, nothing can beat the rose gold setting on those timeless engagement bands.

Created during the 18th century, Faberge (the inventor of Faberge eggs) was the first person to use rose gold. And as per studies, it was initially called “Russian Gold”. Due to its history, rose gold is a popular choice for complex classic designs.

Using the metal’s warmth, you can customize accents and dreamy details like milgrain or floral scrolls. Victorian and Edwardian-inspired designs also match this setting.

The Edwardian Era was the time of luxury. And the complexity and exquisiteness of rose gold can perfectly embrace this period. Remember, this metal was used by well-known jewelers.

On the other hand, The Victorian Period is known for romance. And what better way to celebrate it than with a rose gold ring! Some in vogue Victorian designs include hearts, nature-inspired details, and floral motifs.

Solitaires with rose gold

The warmth of this beautiful rose gold metal blends perfectly with diamond solitaire engagement bands. While its flush can highlight the bright white diamond, its warmth can mellow down the diamond’s undertone with a softer color.

No doubt, a rose gold band sits flawlessly with diamond solitaire. But it can also be combined with a gemstone.

So which colored gem would look best with rose gold?

You can select a red ruby for a combination of red and pink band. If you feel it is too Valentine’s, then go for Amethyst. Pearls and opals also give a lovely look when paired with rose gold. Maybe a solitaire opal or pearl to customize a unique design.

Go for gemstones without second thoughts as they are becoming the most sought-after option for wedding bands.

Combination of dreamy rose gold setting

Don’t want to go completely rose gold for the engagement ring? Combine the metal with something white like platinum or white gold to give the wedding band a contrast.

An engagement band with lighter shade looks fabulous when paired with rose gold diamond. To add some extra bling, you can place a solitaire diamond in the center.

Want to make the design more unique? Swirl the rose gold with other metals to give the ring a multi-dimensional illusion. This split-shank style is the best way to wear rose gold.

 Additional Tip – How To Make It More Special

Add a personal touch to the proposal

If your partner is a bit picky when it comes to shopping, better go the extra mile! Look for something that resonates with his or her personality. Or plan for something they have been meaning to do.

Does she love animals? Contact the nearest animal shelter or pet-friendly café and book a slot. Spend the entire day amid a bunch of four-legged friends.

Is she a die-hard fan of some artist? Check for upcoming events and book tickets for the same.

Your loved one will certainly take note of the efforts you’ve put in for them. They will also appreciate that you know what they like and dislike. Due to this, you win yourself some brownie points. And this makes the entire proposal even more special.

Showing your partner how much they and their feelings mean to you is the best way to make them feel special!


It is the warmth and beauty of rose gold that speaks of romance. And it is the rosiness that offers an elegant base for a timeless design. Even a combo of rose gold and solitaire can create a glossy backdrop for diamond as its centerpiece.

If you are not sure about fully committing to this metal, use rose gold as a halo accent. Or else swirl it with a light metal hue and create a split-shank style.

Regardless of which design and detail you choose for a wedding band, rose gold is the perfect hue if you’re proposing on Valentine’s Day!

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