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Simple & Useful Accessories For Your iPhone Protection

Smartphones are no longer considered as luxury gadgets. Most people rely on their cell phones for all the personal and professional work, be it noting down appointments or looking for directions. Technology has covered everything and calling and texting have become the basics. Advancement of technology has also included smartphones for home security.

iPhones have always been in trend with all of the technology, user-friendly OS and quality assurance. However, due to these parameters, these smartphones have also been the most expensive ones to be available in the market.

This means protection or insurance covers for these devices are of utmost importance to every owner. You can also opt for iPhone insurance to cover all the expenses.

Here are some simple accessories to protect your iPhone from accidents.

Powerbank For Rapid Charging

Apple iPhones are known for their short battery life. If you are using it all day long for calls, never-ending emails, and games, it may give you some hard time. This is when you need a smart rapid power bank.

Don’t go for a pretty looking power bank. Check the specifications and analyze your needs before placing an order.

Here are a few things that will help you to choose the right power bank for your iPhone.

  • Do not compromise on the capacity, 5,000mAh to 10,000 mAh batteries serve the best.
  • Buying heavy power banks poses difficulty while traveling. Choose the one that is light.
  • Some essential features to look for is, overcharge protection, LED indicators, and charging time.

Bonai 5,800 mAh ultra-compact power bank is a smart choice for iPhone users. It provides two rounds of full charging to iPhone 7 and one and a half round for iPhone X, such is the capacity.

Rav Power 10,000 mAh power bank comes in a slim pack. It is a great choice for those who want extra battery power without heaviness. This can fully charge your iPhone four times.

Screen Protection

You can never think of your iPhone without a tempered glass. This transparent glass saves hundreds of dollars every day. By investing a small amount of money, you can protect your phone for a long time. Plus, you should also avail the best cell phone insurance to prevent crashes and breakage.

OMOTON HD tempered glass is an ideal choice for iPhone users. This transparent glass provides a 9H level of hardness, 99.9% clarity, and is only 0.26mm thick.

It works as a buffer that blocks all the cracks and damages and to keep your screen scratchless. To protect your iPhone and pocket from big damage, you should also choose the best cell phone insurance.

Phone Cases

Phone cases protect your smartphone from dust and damage as well as keep them as good as new. Ignoring a case for your phone might lead to untimely replacement or cost you a fortune to repair it in case of unintended drops.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone case provides a dual-layer thick bumper covering. It is proven to retain the actual shape of the phone after mishaps. The shock-absorbing formula covers rough falls and daily impacts efficiently.

This phone case is available in six different shades and endures a snappy matte herringbone layout to make it fingerprint friendly. If you are still skeptical about your iPhones protection, make sure to choose the best cell phone insurance.

Pop Sockets For Stable Grip

If you think this tiny object is just for show and is not at all useful, you need to think twice. These small devices are worthy of the investment, it provides a stable ground to keep your phone inclined.

From binge-watching to video calls and meetings, pop sockets serve as a stand to fulfill all your needs. Forget straining your hand while video calls, just by investing a small amount. Plus, they provide extra grip while holding the phone while texting or calling.

These tiny button-like additions are available in different shades and designs. Choose the one that compliments your iPhone and style. They are affordable, useful as well as provide a stylish touch to your expensive possession.

Last Words

From iPhone 6 in 2014 to the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019, Apple products have always been expensive, though the pricing trend is decreasing day by day. However, people still prefer iPhone insurance at the time of the purchase so that one drop doesn’t cost a fortune.

So, if you are into iPhones, make sure you get good protection plans too.

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