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Stair Runners: Things You Must Know: A Brief Outline

Before I start about the stair runner, let me first tell you what is a stair runner? As there are many people who are not well aware of this concept and do not use a stair runner for their home. In simple words, a stair runner is a piece of carpet which doesn’t cover the complete width of the stair. It is in most of the cases installed over hardwood and tiled stairs. There are many runners that are available in all types of colors and also patterns of different types with different width.

Putting a Runner on your Stairs

If you have stairs of wood or with deeper treads then it should be fine with a carpet. But to be on the safer side, it is advisable that you use a stair runner. But you should also take care that the stair runner should not be made of slippery materials like silk and linen. There should be a proper installation of the stair runner with no loose corners to trip over. A runner will always protect both the treads and the risers from wear and tear.

Best Stair Runner Material

The best type of material is wool or sisal. It is most of the time used and also a recommended material for the stair runner. Plus, wool blends are also great for stair runners. Synthetic- Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, etc. – Synthetic materials should not be used as a stair runner.

Installation of Stair Runner

Firstly, tape the runner to the top riser and remove any kind of interference molding. Apply strips of double-sided carpet on the top riser. Press the completed end of the runner directly under the edging and tack it to the riser with an inflated stapler. Start in the middle and work out in both directions, stapling every 4 inches.

Padding under Stair Runners

Firstly, prepare for a stair runner and pad installation. Padding needs to be fitted and placed perfectly on each stair tread. This is important to avoid slipping under the fabric of the runner. Remove from the foot treads any kind of old strips, glues, etc.

Size of Stair Runner that you need

Stair runners will usually come in the size of 22 to 36 inches wide, as sold by the running foot or yard. In order to calculate the length of the staircase, the first thing that you must do is measure the depth of the stair tread. And the height of the stair riser also is to be measured. The tread is the flat horizontal board upon which you step.

How long does a stair runner need to be?

You can consider a “runner” to be a rug in any size from about 2′ x 5′ to 3’+ x 20’+. Most runners measure about 2’6″ wide. Runners can be as narrow as 2′ as or wider than 3′, but as widths diverge from 2’6″, the number of runners found decreases

Width of the Stair Runner

It comes in many widths which vary from 20″ to 48″ wide. The most common width is 27″ for a standard staircase. Selecting the right length is also important. To measure straight stairs, measure both the tread (horizontal step) and the riser (vertical part of a step).

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