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Steps to Define your Social Media Strategy

Defining a Social Media strategy may seem simple

But it’s not that simple:

  • You have to know where you start from, your current performance (and that of competitors), with what works and what doesn’t
  • Then find a strategy to get your content to encourage people to buy, publish to publish content is useless (except to flatter your ego).
  • While measuring the results of your actions
  • Finally, dare to try new things (networks, types of publications …) so as not to miss a good plan … without going in all directions!

Out of around 3,773 billion Internet users (Internet Live Stats, 2017), 2,789 billion users are active on social media.

In USA it is almost 25 Million people who have a Facebook account, 45 Million people who visit YouTube every month, 45 million who visit Facebook every month (25 Million for Instagram)…

To return to an emblematic example, did you know that Blended, the famous mixer that grinds anything from the iPhone to the iPad through the Vuvuzela, had multiplied its sales by 5 at the time thanks to social media?

Or Seb’s good publicity campaign with presenter Oprah Winfrey, who praised the “oil-free” fryer, and which made the share price jump almost 5% (as well as sales!).

These quite old examples are precursors of current strategies on Social Media, with the power of communication and resonance of the web.

These figures show how much use of social media is part of our daily lives.

And this is even truer with the explosion of mobility: most of us use our mobile phones several times a day to surf the internet, check our emails… but also to entertain ourselves on social media.

This explains the emergence and explosion of platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

In order not to neglect such an audience, defining a strategy on Social Media and a specific marketing plan becomes essential.

A question may arise: what is the difference between a social media strategy and a social media marketing plan?

With your Social Media strategy you will define the “Why” you should go there and what you want to do with it, and with the marketing plan you will define the “How” to achieve your goals in operational terms.

The key to success is knowing where to focus your efforts (time and money), what are the priorities to follow…

To succeed in your communication, you must define a plan that summarizes everything you plan to do concretely (which social networks, which objectives, which means, etc.). If you are not expert in management than you can hire a company like square base consulting which will help you to scale your business through social media.

The more specific this plan, the easier it will be to implement.

It is therefore very profitable to devote 2 hours to defining your strategy, then deploying it throughout the year.

In fact, most of the strategies on Social Media are defined over the year, with the priority axes, the highlights … but the action plan is revised every quarter according to the results, the evolution of priorities, and the opportunities that are presented…

The subject of social networks is vast and can sometimes be confusing

The first reflex is therefore to start by publishing content on social networks according to inspiration.

The results are often disappointing:

  • Publications that generate little interaction or sharing
  • Content seen and reviewed compared to your competitors
  • An irregularity in the publication schedule (we publish when we are not in the rush)
  • No one is really “responsible” (with results to be achieved and a budget), so there is no need to get there

The purpose of this article will be precisely to present to you a simple and effective approach to set up an effective presence strategy on social networks.

You can then deploy your strategy by yourself (with a dedicated employee or part-time),

The goal will be to get at the end of this article:

A Powerpoint that will serve as your presentation to management and an approved roadmap, where you will summarize:

  • Your Mission with your presence on Social Media,
  • Defining your strategy with the preferred channels,
  • Your priorities in terms of results, indicators
  • The necessary resources (eg a monthly editorial committee, a service provider, etc.)

An Excel file or a project management tool (, Asana, Monday…) with a schedule of actions to be carried out on the various social media (including a schedule of publications or editorial calendar), such as for example:

  • Post a blog post every week,
  • Define a list of themes / expressions on which to position yourself to attract prospects,
  • Types of content to create

A Powerpoint that will serve as your monthly reporting of your actions with:

  • The evolution of your key indicators (leads, etc.)
  • The evolution of indicators specific to accounts on social media (the number of subscribers, etc.)
  • Actions carried out during the month
  • Actions to be carried out in the coming month (and priority for the quarter).

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