Sunday, September 27, 2020


The way things are moving this age is worth grasping some air out of nothing.

Technology and its evolution have pervaded human life so much that no one can predict its ultimate immersion.

It is starting from taking care of babies to travelling, sightseeing, and manufacturing. Its role is invincible.

Many domains it has charted a path of clear advantage for businesses like logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, payroll, employee management, etc.

Overall the world is spellbound by its speed, simplicity and ease in making things less complicated.

What might one think it as just a device for aping human mind, let’s not leave out the humane aspect of it?

The limit to technology cannot be ever thought of as for companies to track and maintain consumer behavior, even predictive analytics is used.

What is predictive analytics??

Predictive analytics is the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand and respond better to different human emotions.

With time the perceptions of people change in consonance with people acquiring new knowledge and experiences.

Also, as the world is filled with numerous companies offering similar products, the game is only going to gain more competitive steam.

Companies make use of this technology. They are coming to know in advance what a present customer may require.

This is done based on data gathered on them and conducting data mining and algorithms analysis on them.

The scope for errors is negated here, along with lots of savings of time and costs.

Additionally, predictive analysis is also done for warehousing processes to calculate raw material reorder levels, time, etc.

Technology Infusions

Technology infusions are available in breakneck speed in each aspect of the business, namely:

  • Business platforms

Like a cloud-based dashboard is created for maintaining information on employees, customers decentralized for easy retrievals.

Anyone anytime can get access to this dashboard with user ID and passwords.

  • Granular offerings with pricing models

Businesses have immense discretion in undertaking their pricing strategy.

Offerings are now made competitive to get first-mover advantage along with differentiated prices.

People are categorized based on their economic backgrounds, gender, region for devising the costing proposition.

  • Top floor analytics and decision making

Sensor-based technologies are enabling heightened security and surveillance. Small and minute forms of these are priceless gems for maintaining integrity.

Also, smart plants, IIOT, 3d printing are gaining much momentum.

  • Front office

Customer care function is moving towards the penetration of chat bots for dealing with their grievances.

  • Back office

Highly personalized computer experience is the game-changer for every aspect of the business.

Making tailor-made options for people will only deliver fast and impactful sales. Conversions on websites will only get better if the present customers give positive reviews.

Customers, as well as employee retention ratios, are to be at higher maintained levels.

  • Technology and employees

 Any organization to provide automated solutions must first implement it seamlessly.

For this, the recruitment of such people having complementary tech skills is essential.

Training can also be imparted to enable new entrants to gain the foothold on the recent tech explosions.

Additionally, tech resources can be made available free and easily reachable formats for learning and literacy.

  • Technology wearable

Small, cute, and pure classy are the list of technological products launched in the form of a wearable.

Be it smartwatches or eye wear, rings and shoes, these enable its wearers to track their health conditions in terms of calories, temperature, etc.

Augmenting the role of healthcare, these wearable are a pure delight for everyone available in pocket-friendly prices.

People losing out on jobs due to many reasons can make use of Loans for unemployed.

Well acclaimed online financial lenders offering affordable loan products for people having no jobs across the UK is a big breather.

They can use these funds to update their business technologically with many new devices and automation.

It will not only increase their earning capacity per minute but as well lead to saving of costs and labor.

Imbibing human mind, its functions and much more

The theme for the integration of technology into business solutions is for making the lives of humans, easy and uncomplicated.

The human mind is potent, but it stays that we only function ten percent of it.

The rest ninety percent is just like a door waiting to be opened.

But this is not the case with technology, as its devices, whether being robots or anything; they function better than the human mind in every aspect.

The idea is that they are creating the gap left by humankind in the form of robots and other devices.

Whether it is for computing, calculating, collecting, formatting, integrating, etc. The scope is infinite through these machines.

Pure wonder is the magic of technology for business and everything.

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