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That’s Why Video Marketing Will Be the Future of Digital Strategies

What role should multimedia content play in your digital marketing strategy? If the answer is secondary or null, it is good that you find out why the video will be fundamental for the future of marketing. Here are all the reasons.

Video marketing has become a powerful tool for connecting with existing and potential customers. But above all it emerged that it is one of those formats that generates the greatest ROI (return on investment). That’s why 81% of marketing departments introduced this type of content into their advertising strategies in 2018.

In recent years, the video has generated a real revolution, leading industry experts to say that ‘it will be the future of content marketing’ . To support this forecast there are also several data. Wyzowl’s report, ‘The State of Video Marketing 2019’ reveals:

  • 87% of companies will use video as a marketing tool in 2019;
  • 83% of marketing teams recognize that video brings them a good return on investment;
  • 79% of users admit to having decided to purchase a software or application after watching a video;
  • 81% of marketing teams admit that videos helped them generate leads;
  • 87% of users surveyed said they would like to see more brand videos for this year.

So, on balance, if 2018 was the year of the video …. for 2019 it promises dizzying performances! If you haven’t started introducing videos into your digital strategy yet, here are all the reasons why you should start doing it as soon as possible:

Video marketing generates a good ROI

Is it worth producing video content? The data clearly show that the answer is yes. According to a study by the Aberdeen group :

  • Video strategies generate 66% more qualified leads each year.
  • Not only that, the reputation of the brand increases by 54%.

Furthermore, again according to Wyzowl’s investigation, of which we spoke a moment ago:

  • 83% of marketing teams recognize that video brings them good ROI and 82% of them believe it is the winning key to their strategy ;
  • 73% of those who still don’t use the video bought a product after watching a video;
  • 97% of companies that use explanatory videos say they help users better understand their business;
  • 94% of companies see video as a useful tool ;
  • 81% of respondents saw an increase in sales and 53% said that customer service calls have decreased.

These numbers demonstrate that investing in video content can generate enormous added value for the company and can contribute to the achievement of important business objectives .

Videos generate conversions and sales

Videos have the power to convert users into ‘loyal’ customers. Vidyard research shows that 70% of companies have said that videos work better than any other form of content for conversions and sales . Incorporating a video that tells about your product or service on a landing page improves the conversion rate by 80%. They also confirmed that 74% of users who saw explanatory videos of a particular product or service then made a purchase.

From a business perspective, it’s interesting to see how creating this content can increase conversions or sales. It is also important to remember that sight is the dominant sense, because the brain tends to work precisely using images. So if a photograph already has a huge impact on the user, the video is capable of enhancing this effect by multiplying it.

Video content builds trust

Trust is the basis for growing a company and raising its earnings. That’s why ‘building trust’ should be one of the main goals of a company. A part of your digital marketing strategy therefore, should be focused on building relationships of trust and lasting relationships with potential customers.

Video content is one of the best ways to connect with users and generate an emotional reaction. This is the reason why hundreds of YouTube channels are able to attract thousands of followers and record millions of views. In the same way, brands have the possibility to create a bond with their users by using short contents that produce a story. Image, movement, sound, music and more can potentially generate a significant impact.

According to the figures, 57% of users recognize that videos give them more confidence in online purchases .

Videos and smartphones go hand in hand

Today, there are no more doubts about the important role that mobile devices occupy in any digital marketing strategy, as they represent the main device through which users communicate, connect with others and consume content. The same goes for videos. According to the Wyzowl study, 90% of users watch videos on their mobile devices . This shows that videos and smartphones go hand in hand.

YouTube, the video platform par excellence, confirms this trend, declaring that the consumption of video content on mobile phones increases every year by 100% . For its part, Google adds that those who watch videos on smartphones are 1.4 times more likely to view and share content than those who watch them on computers or smart TVs.

Therefore, the growth of people watching videos on mobile devices actually forces companies to be more sensitive to the experience that users can experience on their devices.

Videos reinforce SEO positioning

First of all it is necessary to clarify a point: Google loves videos. So if you post interesting video content on your website, you may be able to change your position on the search engines. According to statistics, you are 53% likely to be present in Google’s search results if you add a video to your site.

If SEO keywords are essential, then videos also have a significant importance. If they are used intelligently, they can have a decisive influence on your strategy. Start introducing a video on your website and updating your YouTube channel.

Are you already convinced of the role that video will play in your current and future marketing strategy? Take a look at these numbers (they are the last ones, I promise you!):

  • 71% of users watch more videos than a year ago ( HubSpot );
  • 83% of marketing professionals are well aware that the weight of videos. In their strategy could increase if there were no obstacles such as time, resources or budget ( Buffer ).

In conclusion…

Creating video content for your brand requires creativity, innovation and specific resources. When it all comes together something is born that has great potential to multiply the results. Therefore, retrieve all the ingredients to build a solid video marketing strategy and put it into practice!

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