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The 5 Most Common Myths About Diabetes

We all have some or the other form of diabetic misconception which we need to remove. Diabetes has become the most common disease with half a million people don’t know they have it. When a disease becomes so common, a lot of misinformation starts to exist. It’s not good to survive with such misinformation. That’s why we are here to debunk the myths that’s been circulating for so many decades.

Myth no. 1 sugar is responsible for diabetes

This is the number one and most common misconception of people that they think sugar causes diabetes. In fact, half of you must still be puzzled to know if it’s true. Studies have shown that sugar isn’t responsible for diabetes. It has no connection with rising blood glucose level in the body which causes diabetes in people. Type 2 diabetes is caused by obesity.

When you start to gain weight, this means the intake of calories in your body has increased. Though you can extract calories from sugar very easily but it has no direct connection with diabetes. The excess calories can be from anything other than sugar itself. Though you can help get rid of your diabetes risk by reducing the intake of sugar but that would help you in one way. The other causes must equally be minimised from where you get an excess of calories.

Myth no. 2 diabetes can only happen to obese people

Studies have shown that around 80% of people who are obese suffers from type 2 diabetes. Hence only a few people are there who have diabetes but aren’t overweight. The diet has heavily affected people in getting from fit to fat zone. If you need to control the blood glucose level in your body, you can follow the  Mediterranean-style eating regime. This won’t reduce your weight but will get down your blood glucose level and also improves the cardiovascular movement.

Even if you want to reduce weight or you are just happy with your weight, you can’t live with a disease. A man having a slim body can also get diabetes. It all depends on the amount of calories you are having that is blocking the regular passage for healthy blood glucose level.

Myth no. 3 diabetes is just a mild health condition

Often times, even when the person is diagnosed with diabetes, he just takes his life too casually and continues his bad eating regime. Diabetes are very easy to detect and in fact it is much quicker at knocking people even when they have no symptoms at all. This is the reason that they think it’s just a mild condition to have.

But don’t forget, diabetes has caused many people to reach to the condition of amputation and blindness. It happens in adults and thus you need to take extra care of it. The only way to avoid reaching to such a level is to take certain precautions once you are detected with this medical condition.

  • You need to follow a healthy diet
  • Maintaining good blood glucose level
  • Attending private health checks and regular appointments
  • Losing weight if you want

All these steps will make sure that you will never reach the stage of any complications. These risks can be minimised with good control over the disease but if not taken seriously, it can lead to many health risks situations.

Myth no. 4 diabetes is over diagnosed

The World Health Organisation’s criteria says that people who are diagnosed with prediabetes are at a much higher risk for developing diabetes. Pre diabetes is that stage in human life when he can do a lot of things to help him get rid of diabetes. He still has enough time! He has the time to cure himself and get on the healthy track without any diabetes.

Although pre diabetes is just a name to make it look more catchy but it’s actually called as non-diabetic hypoglycemia. Since the term “non-diabetic hypoglycemia” is much more difficult to pronounce hence we call it pre diabetes.

The real message is about prevention. People think that once they have been diagnosed with prediabetes, they can do nothing about it. Where in reality, you can just kill the disease only by taking correct precautions. Preventing diabetes is very easy and takes no big effort. Keep a dedicated time for regular exercise and maintain a healthy eating routine. Avoid getting overweight as this not only create troubles for possible diabetic attack but will also make you a couch potato which isn’t good at all.

With all the facility that lets us know about our health condition and inform us way before we actually get any symptoms, we must take advantage of it and try our best to eliminate diabetes (the moment it is in its initial stage).

Myth no. 5 you will be more sick after diabetes

That’s not 100% true. You won’t get more ill after diagnosed with diabetes but of course the consequences will be much more serious than before. For example, if you have diabetes, which means you have an increased level of blood glucose level, it can actually affect your regular process of healing. Our immune system is very powerful in preventing a  lot of diseases from outside and inside unwanted agents.

But when your immunity is itself down because of the affected blood glucose level, your body can no longer fight against any such diseases. This is the reason that diabetic people are recommended to get immediate vaccine against flu to protect their immunity.

Conclusion: We all have some sort of myth in our mind. Some are created with some reasons, others are just circulated without any reason. Keeping aside all of them, these top 5 myths will open up your mind and the logical reasoning that debunks all the illogical fake stories on diabetes.

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