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The Best Carpet Cleaning Ideas that Make your Rugs Look New

The carpet industry alone has done a business of 10 billion US dollars in 2019, hence it has become rather a huge part of the economy. Since people have a large collection to choose their carpet from so, they love carpets. A carpet must be cleaned from time to time to maintain its fresh and cozy look. The kids drop edibles on the carpet all the time and by cleaning the carpet you not only restore its condition but also get rid of unpleasant odors.

The home décor without a carpet is considered incomplete these days, even if you have used the best tiling available in the market but still you would love to create a carpet area where maybe you can sit and watch moves with your date or maybe let your kids enjoy the softness of it. The sense of style it brings to your home is irreplaceable. If you want to maintain the same feel over the years it’s better to use steam cleaning services that would not only clean your carpet but would also kill the germs.

Though it is always recommended to order a professional service here are few tips to do it yourself:

Time and day selection:

You can clean your carpet whenever you wish to but believe it or not but carpet cleaning has a season too. It is always preferred to wash your carpet during summers because it’s easy to select a couple of good sunny days. So, review the weather forecast and select the best sunny days suited to you and go ahead with the next steps.

Large washing area:

A good size of the washing area is required if you plan on doing it yourself. It could be your lawn or a playground or your garage. Take into account that you would be discharging a lot of dirty water so, chose an area where you have proper drainage. Then arrange a few benches there to hang your carpet, or maybe a rope between a couple of trees can be used or simply a wall can serve the purpose. Just make your choice and arrange the rest according to it.


The equipment selection is very important. Like you can’t fight a war without the right weapons so, make a list of equipment and arrange their order you might be needing it such as you can’t dry before you wash. It is always better to make a sequence to avoid complications and overlapping.


It is the first step of the cleaning process and could be the messiest one if not managed properly. Remember vacuuming doesn’t mean use a blower as most people do, or you might end up creating a nuisance to your neighborhood and end up excusing to everyone. Doing it yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do it properly because you are not a professional.


To wash you are going to need a good detergent, a couple of brushes, and lots of water. Use a water pipe with a nozzle to generate extra pressure. There’s a variety of good detergents available to select from and some of them are specifically for carpet cleaning and then there are products that can soften the feel of your carpet and can restore the fluff of carpet. Brushes can be just simple brushes to wash clothes. Pay attention when you are throwing water on the carpet, you have to create a downward flow so all the dust particles move in one direction. If you just make a straight-through imagining it would clean it better, then you are wrong. Rinse it multiple times.


Leave your carpet where it is because it’s very heavy when soaked in water. You must let it dry it completely before taking it in because a semi-dried carpet can create odor. Is it too much for you? if yes then it is better to call the best residential carpet cleaning services in Allen, TX. They will take care of everything for you. Carpet washing is an art because you restore something to its former glory.

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