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The Top 10 HIPAA Violations and How to Prevent Them

The HIPAA law is a law that protects all the information related to the patient’s health and is quite well known in most of the health care centres. The law established in the year 1996 to set a standard based on national confidentiality, security, and transmission related to any person’s information related to health.  But, if any, health care centres violate it, then they have to face some serious consequences and also have a risk to cancel the license.

The Most Common Reasons for HIPAA Violations are:-

  • Disclosing Information by Employees- Employees those who gossip about patients too comes under violation and also can cost a fine. Make sure that employees be mindful about their conversation and should not share any patient’s information.
  • Mishandling Medical Records- Sometimes HIPAA Risk Analysis team checks that whether any patient’s record is being mishandled or not. It is must that none of the health care staff keep any patients records open in their room.
  • Lost any Devices- If any of laptops, desktops, smartphones are stolen or lost by any employee where all the information regarding the patient is kept then that employee has to pay a fine based on HIPAA Security Policies.
  • Texting Patient Information- Messaging patient’s information likes reports of tests which is very easy to do, but it is a serious offence under HIPAA law as it can easily spread to cyber criminals.
  • Social Media- You cannot post any patient’s image in social media because it is considered as an HIPAA violation. Make sure that none of the employees shares any information on social media related to any patient.
  • Employees are Accessing Patient Files illegally- Employees also if accessing patient files without any authorization then it’s a violation, and also they cannot sell PHI for their personal use.
  • Social breaches – Breach of patient’s information in the social sphere is very common. But, it is violating the laws of HIPAA and also sometimes unknowingly they do that by asking information about any other patient.
  • Authorization Requirements- It is important that you must have a written consent while seeking any patient’s information otherwise it’s a breach of the Privacy Rule.
  • Accessing any Patient’s Information on a Personal Computer- The entire record of any patient is utterly confidential and doing any work regarding that information on the personal desktop is totally against the HIPAA laws.
  • Lack of training- One of the common reasons of violating HIPAA laws is that most of the employees in health care industries are not trained properly. Thus, due to lack of information they end up doing things against the laws.

Preventing violation of HIPAA laws

The most important step which needs to be taken so that violation of HIPAA laws can be prevented is properly trained the employees working in the health sectors.  Also, make sure that all the records of the patients are updated in the main system, and employees must attend the HIPAA training program to prevent such violation of laws.

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