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Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails

Whether you’re the kind of person who religiously paints your nails as a form of self-care or someone who continually picks and bites on their cuticles, we’re all healthy, perfectly prepared. Nails want. We’ve talked to nail care tips to find out what you should do for your nails – but first, how can you tell if your nails are healthy? Here’s what to look for.

Signs of healthy nails:

  • Nail plates are pink to white
  • There are cuticles (so don’t cut them!)

The ails are nail and white indicator lengths

The so-called half-moon-shaped white section on the nail base (called Lonola).

Signs of unhealthy nails:

Peeling or tearing nails can result in dryness or vitamin deficiency

white Small stains usually mean that you are cutting your nails or painting them often.

  • Horizontal drainage may be due to stress, high fever, or jamming of your finger

The pins can be caused by removing or cutting off the red, swollen skin cuticle around the nails

  • Spoon-shaped nails can be a sign of iron deficiency or anaemia

Best Tips For Nails

If you are concerned about your nail health, it is essential to consult a dermatologist. Dr Dana Stern, a dermatologist and nail care specialist, says that because your nails are so bright, it is easy to tell if a problem has occurred. If you get help, you can treat it quickly. Here’s how to get active and healthy nails.

  1. Keep your hands very clean

Before doing anything, it is essential to make sure that your nails and the skin around them are thoroughly dirt-free. Then remove all of your last stains with acetone-free remover (drying your nail because of something else). The author of Dr Au Shamban, who heals your skin, recommends applying soap to the toothbrush, then gently brush your nails and skin. It will remove dirt and remove any dead skin without the need for harsh, drying chemicals or expensive bushes.

  1. Be gentle on your nails

Your nails are fragile, and cleaning them too much can cause you to have infections. Number two: No, using metal tools underneath the nail, as more and more excavation breaks the nail plate (called ankylosis). According to Dr Stern, who is also the developer of Dr Dana Nell’s Renewal System, this is a common problem for people over the age of fifty. NYC gynaecologist explains Dr Janet Priitowski. It can also cause an irregular white, arching nail tip.

  1. Clip your nails regularly

A regular trim is as essential to your nails as it is to your hair, says Dr Prestoski. So set a time to clip them every two weeks, at least adjusting once you see how your nails respond.

  1. Prefer nail health over length

Long nails are beautiful, but if you are someone who has had snags or breaks, Dr Shamban recommends keeping your nails short – at least get started. A short style with a rounded edge is easy to manage and looks neat, so you can focus on building strength without worrying about anything else. As long as each nail is the same in shape and matches its nine neighbours, you will not miss this extra length.

  1. Always keep the nail file at hand

If you are someone whose work or gym routine causes excessive wear and tear, Dr Prestowski recommends keeping the nail file in place to remove any rough spots on the spot. ۔ The best way to do this? Work in one direction with your nail for a smooth finish.

And as it turns out, the emery board that is sitting in your drawer can cause your nails to peel and tear. Instead, try the glass (also known as crystal) nail file. “The glass file will create an equal edge for the nail and can be used on weak, broken and damaged nails,” says Dr Stern.

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