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Top Ten Gadgets to Monitor Your Health

Nowadays, even a small change in health can create a large difference in your daily life. Many diseases start with very minor transform like sudden headache, blood pressure issues but with time it turns into a big one. It is the reason many people lose their life because they fail to monitor it.


Companies come with smart fitness gadgets and they have invested millions of pounds over making these gadgets. Even these products are wearable and help to cure anything that troubles you. It can detect the uncomfortable neck pain, back pain, headache, and even high blood pressure.

The best part of these devices is that they are cost-friendly. You can have them with your saved money or small borrowing options like doorstep loans. With such borrowing methods, you may get cash at your door and then utilise them to buy these awesome gadgets.

Now, there are so many devices available but we have chosen some top ten gadgets.

Popular Amazing Fitness Gadgets of All Time

We have considered the best one available at an affordable price.

1. Blip Wi-Fi Blood Pressure Monitor 

It is the world’s first Wi-Fi blood pressure monitor that can track the data using the home network. It is multi user-supported and the two people can operate at the same time. You can monitor your loved ones anywhere in this world.

2. Medicine Minder or MedMinder 

When people get older, they forget things quite often and it creates a problem when they forget to take medicine. It is natural and challenging to remember the time of the medicine until you have hired some nurse.

You do not have to hire anyone, use MedMinder. It contains small boxes where you can keep your medicines. When it is time for your medicines, it will flash the light. If you do not take the medicine, it will beep and play the sounds (it is recorded while buying the gadgets).

3. Zikto Walk 

How you walk is matters but people still overlook it. Many people walk with hunched back and slow legs that indicate several problems. With Zikto Walk you can track your activity coach, it will analyse your walking pattern through sensors.

Whenever you detrimentally slow due to some reasons it will send you the message to correct the posture.

4. Motorola MotoActv

It is the most famous wearable fitness device. With the help of that, you can track running, cycling, golf and many more activities. This smart MP3 player has more than 8GB of memory storage; it means you can download your favorite songs too.

5. iPod Nano 7th generation 

iPod Nano is a Bluetooth device and it is a perfect wireless gadget. It has various options such as:


  • Music


  • Videos


  • Fitness


  • Photos and Audio

It can monitor your heart rate during a workout and running every week. And you can track your daily activities too.

6. Lully: The sleep guardian

You can live a healthy lifestyle if you hit the sound sleep but most of the people fail to do so. And it becomes a difficult task if you have children. But you can sleep well if you buy this amazing gadget “Lully”. It is a wireless device that can help your children for deep sleep.

All you have to put this device under the mattress of your children and it will vibrate whenever it needs. You can set the time too.

7. Qardio Arm 

Tracking the blood pressure is a challenging task and carry heavy device all the time is not possible. It is been clinically validated to accurately measure the blood pressure number. Qardio Arm is a handy device through which you can measure the irregular beats.

8. Withings Body Cardio Scale 

This is effective for measuring your weight and overall body mass index. It can also track your muscle mass, water percentage and bone mass. The size of the gadget is not big; it will easily place in your bag. So that whenever you go for the workout, it remains always with you.

9. Wii Fit U

It can provide you with a wide range of workout. You can perform yoga, weight training, High intensity work out, aerobics a shot. The amazing fact is that you can do the dance form too. I overall show that you do not require any type of trainer.


The cost of this device is a bit high as a comparison to others. But you can save money for that or, for quick money. You can approach direct lenders for easy loans. They may provide you with a small amount to cover up the remaining cost.

10. HAPIFork 

Food is important and eating healthy is more crucial. You can check your diet nutrition with the help of the HAPIFork device. It will start vibrating whenever you eat fast or the portion of the meal is not sufficient.

These are the ten mind-blowing health gadgets that you should use to live a healthy life. The best part is that they all are easily available and can buy it without worrying about the financial condition. Go! Purchase them and live a healthy lifestyle.


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