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Types Of Hospital Bed Mattress For Home Use

The first thing to note is that hospital mattresses are different from home mattresses. While home bed mattresses offer comfort and sound sleep, hospital bed mattress might provide some relief in medical conditions. That is the reason why it is essential to use the mattress for hospital beds, even at home. But doctors are experts, and they can tell which mattress would benefit which patient. How are people supposed to decide what mattress they should be buying for their homes?


The answer is simple. All people need to do is to consider a few points like:


  • The time that the person would be spending on the mattress. Prolonged use of general mattresses can create body sores, and nobody wants that. So the first thing to note is how many hours the person will be spending on the hospital bed mattress each day? If the person is suffering from a particular condition, then for how many months they need to use the mattress? These answers will help in further shortlisting the mattresses.
  • The height and weight of the person. According to these two factors, the size of the mattress and its quality would be decided. For example, if the person is heavy, then they might end up putting too much pressure on a softer mattress. This is why they would need a stiffer mattress. Similarly, the height will decide the size of the mattress.
  • The amount of comfort that the patient requires. One last thing to consider is how much support is needed for the patient. Like if the patient is not able to independently shift their positions on the bed, then they would need a more advanced hospital bed mattress. That will help them in the condition.


Once they know the answer to all these points, then they can move to the types of mattresses according to their particular needs.


Types Of Mattress For Hospital Beds

The types of mattress for hospital beds that can be found in the market are:


  • Innerspring: The most commonly found mattress type is the right choice for those who do not spend several hours in their bed. These are cheaper than other options and can be used by people who do not require much medical attention.
  • Foam Top Layer: In this, the innerspring mattress is covered with foam as a top layer. This foam on the top adds a little more comfort for the sleeper. So even if the person spends a little extra time in bed, their body would not feel sore.
  • Multilayer Foam: This is made entirely out of foam, which offers additional support to the body. Their density is kept optimal in order to provide a stable area and ease joint pressure.
  • Hospital Bed Air Mattress: The most expensive of all mattresses, is the hospital bed air mattress. These have the ability to adjust the amount of air in order to provide a flexible density of the mattress. Hospital bed air mattress is the best mattress for people who require different pressure points.


So people can choose out of these according to their requirements.

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