Thursday, August 6, 2020
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UK Govt Announces 50% Discount At Restaurants

The entire world is struggling with the Corona epidemic and the world economy has collapsed. The condition of many countries is very bad. Lakhs of people have lost their jobs all over the world, so business and industry have stopped.

Meanwhile, the governments of the country all over the world are announcing an economic package to help their citizens and bring the economy back on track. In this series, the British Government has also announced a large economic package. The Boris Johnson Government of Britain has announced a package of 33 billion euros (about 277 billion rupees) to revive the economy that has collapsed due to the Corona epidemic and save youth jobs.

UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunaks announced the financial package, saying that the company should not expel its employees. The government has also announced a bonus on hiring trainees and a discount on eating in restaurants. According to the government’s economic package, in the UK during the month of August, 50 percent discount will be given in the bill for those who eat in restaurants.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said that these steps are being taken under the government’s plan to handle the hospitality sector. This discount can be availed unlimited times in the month of August. Restaurants, cafes and pubs that form part of the government’s scheme across the country will benefit from this rebate.

It is being told that the British Government has introduced this budget to handle the derailed economy due to Corona epidemic. This economic package is also being called Mini Budget or Corona Budget. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has announced an ‘It out to help out’ discount to get people out of the house. That is, if any person eats from Monday to Wednesday, then they will save 10 pounds per person.

The government has clearly stated in its economic package that only food and soft drinks will get this discount. This discount will not apply to liquor. Sunak also announced that VAT on hospitality and tourism would be reduced to 5 per cent. The sector had the highest VAT of 20 percent earlier, which has now been reduced to 5 percent for 6 months.

Let us tell you that pubs and restaurants are going to open on Saturday after three months of Lockdown in Britain. In the midst of the Corona crisis Sunak has assured people that eating outside will be safe. He said, I know that people are taking precautions to go out. Sunak said that the objective of the scheme is to bring people back to restaurants, cafes and pubs and return 1.8 million people to work.

Such an encouraging move from the government will definitely boost up the restaurant industry which will further bring the economy in a stable position. Although such a move from government is always going to be in question in such a pandemic situation. Good thing is restaurant owners are following all the necessary guidelines to offer customers a hygienic premise for eating. Any foodie could come and enjoy their meal without any worry. However, there is always the online food delivery option available who doesn’t want to take any risk. Tell us what you think about this step from government in the comment section.

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