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What are DUI Punishments and Penalties?

When it comes to drunken driving convictions, each state has its way of punishment and penalties. The DUI Attorney Marietta is well known for providing thoughtful guidance to protect your rights throughout your case. Most states give some leverage for the first offence and start charging penalties for multiple persuasions. While there are also states that charge at first judgment itself for driving while intoxicated. Generally, the DUI (Driving Under Influence) punishments and penalties include:

  • Prison time
  • Fines
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Treatment and education
  • Penalties for minors
  • Insurance loss or consequences
  • Enhanced penalties with add-on features

Prison Time

If it’s a first offence of drunken driving, the state considers it as a crime and punishes you by putting in prison for up to a minimum of 6 months. This is the least penalty you can expect from a DWI offence. The jail time may be increased by a DUI Defence Attorneys depending on individual circumstances. Some states look for the alcohol percentage in blood at the time of arrest with their legal limit to see if the amount is high. And if the figures are high, the imprisonment time increases.


In addition to the jail sentencing, courts charge a certain amount as fine for DUI or DWI. The amount typically differs from state to state. But generally, the amount ranges from somewhere between $500 to as much as $2,000. Depending on the no: of times the offence is done, the amount changes. You will find a DUI-fine expensive as in some states, the driver is required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) at your own expense. IID – an auto-accessory that is installed on the car’s dashboard, which doesn’t enable the vehicle to start if the alcohol content in the blood is over the limit. You can seek the advice of a DUI Attorney in Marietta or Cobb County for getting legal support.

Suspension of Driver’s License

Every state has the provision to cut down the license of the driver who has injured or killed any person while DUI. The suspension of a driver’s license will be done by the Department of Motor Vehicles of that particular state, as addressed by the court. The suspension period varies from state to state. A common term of suspension period for a driver’s license is 902 days for a first-time offender, while certain countries wouldn’t give back the license at all.

Therapy and Education

Counselling or therapy, along with an awareness education, will be held in prison during his/her jail time. This creates a general awareness in the offender about the consequences and side effects of alcohol on a person living. In certain states, if it’s a case of first time DWI, treatment and counselling is the punishment given for the convict.

Penalties For Minors

Young offenders who are arrested for driving under the influence are not given any exception in the punishment. Being a minor and doing such an offence makes things worse. Almost every state considers 21 as the legal drinking age. So any DWI cases before that age are a crime. For minors, punishment and penalties are comparatively high. The court may impose adult sentences for up to one year on minor offenders who are found DUI

Insurance Loss or Consequences

When you have an offence of DWI or DUI, the insurance companies are likely to break your heart. The driver’s insurance company may cancel the insurance policy or increase the rates. A drunken driving charge stays lifelong in the driving record, which is a black mark for the driver. Individual insurance companies look for the status of the driver’s license – whether it is suspended. If found delayed, the insurer will likely cancel the policy as well.

Enhanced Penalties With Add-On Features

Apart from the jail sentencing and fine charging, the court, along with its judgment, requires the driver to install an ignition interlock device for two years. This is a car accessory that requires the driver to blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor attached to the dashboard. If the person’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is above the required legal limit, the car won’t start that too at your own expense. The state may require the driver to install this device temporarily for two years or permanently. It all depends on the offense history of the offender.


As mentioned above, the fine, penalty, and sentencing period all differ from state to stat. To find out your state’s punishment and penalty amount, consult with your nearest DUI Attorney. He can help you figure out the complications involved in the case. Drinking alcohol is injurious to health and life as well. Just ignorance from our side can cost your life. From having a six months jail imprisonment to suspending your driver’s license, the black-marks are many, which can affect your driving record as well.

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