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What should students check for when looking to study medicine in the Caribbean

When choosing to study abroad, there are many things that excite a prospective student and even perturb them. Among them is the prospect of studying abroad, and for American students, this can be an unusual experience.

American students go overseas to study as the tuition fee abroad is affordable. Other than that, there are times when students are unable to meet GPA requirements and the SAT scores needed by stateside Universities. The same is true for medical school as they often fall behind in MCAT scores and tuition fee requirements.

When it comes to medical schools, stateside medical schools have a difficult criterion: The GPA scores they need are high, the MCAT scores they need are high as well and the tuition fee is exorbitant. The pre-med is of 4 years. In short, becoming a physician in the United States can take up to a decade.

Studying medicine abroad – how viable is the Caribbean as an option?

Being the nearest to the United States other than Canada (and part of the Anglosphere too), the Caribbean is an option worth considering. Studying in either Trinidad and Tobago, a renowned St Kitts medical school or another one; the choices are wide and many.

The island nations of the Caribbean Sea are blessed with beauty. Having pristine sparkling sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas; the lifestyle is laid back with a lively cultural scene. Often considered as a tropical paradise, the Caribbean island nations have managed to attract students from around the globe.

The Caribbean island nations have a complex yet rich history. Though these nations faced a multitude of political issues in the past, they now have high human development. Apart from overwhelming black majorities, vibrant and significant communities of Indians, Whites, and Hispanics.

What factors should students consider when going to study in the Caribbean?

When considering studying medicine in the Caribbean, the following are the factors students should always check

1. The program’s cost

Medicine programs at top-notch Caribbean medical schools are affordable in comparison to those present in North America, Oceania and the European Union. A lot of students from Latin America have been recently making it to medical schools in the Caribbean.

Some have tuition fees that can go up to USD$ 30,000 a year. This is quite affordable than most American medical schools app and their Australian counterparts.

2. Assessing the admissions requirements

Students may need either an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree so as to gain admission to an American medical school. At times students are encouraged to have MCAT scores ready in order to get admission as well.

The admissions process of most medical schools in the Caribbean is different. They don’t take high school GPAs and MCAT scores as primary indicators in consideration. they often take interviews of students to see if they are ready for medicine or not. They also regard premed as optional.

3. Life in the Caribbean is a paradise

Life in the Caribbean consists of the beaches, the sunshine, the bars, and the fancy cuisine. They all makeup for the region’s excellence in living standards and as a hub of being lively.

For students, the good news is that the US Dollar widely accepted and circulated; the mainstream American pop culture is popular, and the nightlife is vibrant. The culture is also vibrant, and the crime rate is lower than that of Latin and South America.

4. Assessing their accreditation

Universities in North America, Oceania, and the European Union have a long history and are among the most prestigious ones too. The accreditation they have is among the most renowned helping them stand out amongst the crowd.

It would be best for students to have a look at the Caribbean medical school’s accreditation. Any school claiming to have American accreditation needs to be checked American regulatory authorities do not accredit foreign programs easily.

If the Avicenna directory of the World Health Organizations and other renowned healthcare firms accredit these schools, then for students it is a go sign.

Over to You – Your choice

The Caribbean is a good option, but it is always wise to check the accreditation of medical schools. Standards in the Caribbean have been on an upward trajectory and making strides in improvements. But it is always wise to do some checking.

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