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10 Most Popular Free WordPress Slider Plugins Reviewed

It is a matter of fact that getting a WordPress slider plugin is a very tough task. This is for the reason that there is a huge number of available WordPress plugin in the store. Now, there are almost 700+ slider plugins in the plugin store. In this article, let us find out the top 10 most popular free WordPress slider plugins from various WordPress plugin development services.

Top 10 WordPress slider plugins:

1.Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 happens to be a brand new WordPress slider plugin. The free version of this plugin comes loaded with a number of powerful features like Image, Video, Drag & Drop slider builder, and post sliders, and features that are more amazing. This is very easy to set up and customize as per your requirements. Thanks to its visual slider editor that makes available for a great amount of ease.

2. Meta Slider

Meta Slider is at this time the most widespread free WordPress Slider plugin from the WordPress plugin development services provider. It lets you add sliders to your website effortlessly. If you wish to add a slider to your website, you just need to choose the images from the media library, then set links and subtitles, select the type of slider from the drop-down, and to end with just paste the shortcode into your post. If you love using this plugin, you can upgrade to the premium version that includes HTML sliders, YouTube & Vimeo slides, Premium support, Custom slider themes, and much more.

3. Master Slider

Master Slider is a feature-full, responsive Slider plugin that is a part of more than 90,000 websites. The free version of the plugin comes with numerous features and it is well-matched with nearly all acknowledged web browsers. The plugin has import & export feature and works super fine with Touch and Mouse Swipe Navigation in Desktop.

4.Huge-IT Slider

Huge-IT Slider Plugin is one of the best slider plugins for WordPress. With this slider plugin activated, you can add good-looking sliders to your website effortlessly. The plugin is completely responsive and supports both pictures and video sliders.

5.Slider WD

Slider WD is well-thought-out to be one of the top free WordPress slider plugins. It offers you the capability to add responsive sliders in your website effortlessly. There free subscription of the plugin comes with numerous features, but if you require more features, you can upgrade to the premium plugin.

6. Easing Slider

Easing Slider is one more acknowledged slider plugin. The plugin is simple and does not require high-end technical knowledge. The plugin lets you add responsive sliders to WordPress from your admin console. It comes with complete integration with the media library and Admin console as well. In the premium version, you get options to add lightbox, Video slides, add images from external websites via URL.

7. Cyclone Slider 2

The Cyclone Slider 2 plugin is widely held on the plugins store. It lets you include the sliders easily by means of shortcode or PHP function. In this slider, you will get options to add image slides, HTML slides, YouTube & Vimeo video slides, and testimonial slides. Ask your WordPress design services expert to include all the available features to the slider on the homepage to make the journey of any visitor on your website memorable and engaging.

8. Soliloquy Lite

Soliloquy Lite is one of the most widely held free responsive slider plugins for a website powered by WordPress. The plugin lets you include sliders to WordPress effortlessly and swiftly. The sliders are SEO friendly and give you the capability to set heading and alt tags for the slider pictures.

9.Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

This slider is very responsive and works efficiently on all screen dimensions. The plugin comes loaded with more than 20 features like slides adding arranging and Drag & Drop image. You can also set in a limitless number of sliders in one page with a limitless number of pictures in each slider as well. There is also a superior version of the plugin if you wish to have more skins.

10. Smooth Slider

This plugin lets you add sliders with no trouble and swiftly without the necessity for any coding familiarity. You can effortlessly embed the slider into anywhere on your website by means of a widget, shortcode, and template tag.

If you want to create an amazing website for your business, then it would be better to get in touch with expert WordPress design services providers. Employing an expert for all these work will give you an amazing result at the end. Your audiences will not only love it but they will also turn out to be a potential customer.

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